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Silent Demolition Equipment

MIMICO offers a range of Epiroc’s silent demolition attachments to expand the capabilities of your excavator.

MIMICO offer a range of silent demolition hydraulic attachments. Eprico’s range is designed for outstanding performance without being disruptive, the silent demolition equipment on offer will expand the capabilities of your excavator and on-site operations. These attachments will allow you to crush, cut, bust, screen, pulverise, and magnetise from anywhere, transforming the efficiency of your site.

About the Silent Demolition Equipment



Sort, separate, cut, and resize materials onsite for recycling purposes.


Sperate steel, concrete and reinforced concrete on demolition and construction sites.

Scrap Yards

Profit from unneeded materials by sorting and separating them for recycling and repurposing.

Metso Outotec Screener being serviced

Turn your excavator into a tool carrier

Expand the utilization of your machine

Meet the challenges of demolition job sites, recycling applications, mines, and quarries with the powerful and robust Silent Demolition Attachments from Epiroc. With this range, your excavator becomes a versatile machine able to safely demolish builds, bridges, and other structures. Dismantle, crush, process, and sort the structural components for easy and immediate onsite separation of materials. 

How the Silent Demolition Range can Help

At MIMICO, it’s our priority to assist in improving and maintaining the efficient operation of your business. The silent demolition range is useful for a variety of applications on demolition sites for sorting, separating and refining materials. Epirocs range is designed for easy installation and maintenance, with such useful onsite abilities, these attachments are an excellent choice for your excavator.

Easy installation

No need to transport material to a facility, sorting and separating of materials can all happen on-site with these easy-to-install excavator attachments.

Available in a range of sizes

The silent demolition range comes is available in a range of sizes to suit your carrier weight class and the service weight of your excavator.

Effective operation

Designed specifically to cater to the onsite needs of demolition operations, the silent demolition range can get the job done effectively.

Our Silent Demolition Range

At MIMICO, it’s our priority to assist in improving and maintaining the operations of your business. If you need assistance or advice on the best solution for you and your needs, our staff have the knowledge and the experience to help. We make the process easy and efficient so you can focus on the job.

Epiroc CC 5000 U concrete cutter

Concrete Cutters

Recycling Demolition Steel Concrete

Multipurpose Concrete Cutters with various jaw options to cut both steel structures and concrete structures in primary and secondary demolition applications directly on site.

Epiroc CB 2500 Concrete Buster

Concrete Busters

Recycling Demolition Steel Concrete

With an impactful closing force, the Epiroc Concrete Busters have been perfectly designed for primary demolitions of a wide range of reinforced concrete structures.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Hydraulic Pulverisers

Recycling Demolition Rebar Concrete Secondary Reduction

With a cleverly-angled design, the Epiroc Pulverisers efficiently separate rebar from concrete in the secondary reduction phase of on-site demolitions.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Hydraulic Shears

Recycling Demolition Scrap Yards Steel

Ideal for cutting steel structures at demolition sites, or recycling metal grinders, sheets, and cables at scrap yards, Epirocs Hydraulic Shears can cut to the chase.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Excavator Grapples

Recycling Demolition Loading Sorting 

Epirocs Multi Grapples are designed for loading and sorting various materials on site, as well as demolishing wooden and masonry structures. The rotating unit makes positioning and handling with precision easy.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Crusher Buckets

Recycling Concrete Debris Rubble Masonry Asphalt Stone

Epiroc Bucket Crushers make easy work of concrete debris, rubble, masonry, asphalt, natural stone and rock by allowing the crushing of these materials on site.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Screening Buckets

Recycling Construction RocksCrushed Concrete

Easily sort materials onsite with the Epiroc Screening Buckets. Separate rocks, crushed concrete, and recycling materials with precision and speed.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Excavator Magnets

Recycling Sorting Scrap Metal 

Specially designed hydro magnets allow for easy sorting of valuable scrap metal on site. Turn onsite waste into profit, keep grounds clear, and protect the workforce equipment by clearing the site with the Epiroc Excavator Magnet.

Epiroc BP 4050 R Hydraulic Pulveriser

Post Hole Borers

Drilling Construction

Epirocs Post Hole Borer drills are based on drum cutter technology where the auger drives are designed to penetrate through both challenging soil conditions and soft rock applications.

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