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Hydraulic steel cutter for industrial demolition and scrapyards.

Hydraulic Shears

Hydraulic Shears are designed for cutting steel structures, great for use at demolition sites. They are also made for recycling metal girders, sheets, and cables at scrap yards.

Epiroc’s Hydraulic Excavator Shears are perfect if you are after strength and performance. They work by forcing the material to where the steel cutter exerts the greatest force, and the optimally-shaped jaw cuts through steel easily, no matter the size. 

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Epiroc Filters

Easily filter Epiroc Hydraulic Attachments to find what you’re looking for.

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Filter by Weight Class, Stick Mounted

Filter by Weight Class, Boom Mounted

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Hydraulic Rotation

 With 360-degree endless rotation, you always have most advantageous positioning and precise handling.

Fast and Efficient

Epiroc’s steal cutters have an integrated speed valve, so you can always be fast at work with efficient & accurate outcomes.

Optimal Blade Clearance

Epiroc’s AutoGuide system ensures you have optimal blade clearance in all of your projects and applications

Epiroc Hydraulic Shears

Hydraulic Shear attachments can be used for a multitude of applications, including for industrial demolition of steel structures of all kinds. Epiroc’s Hydraulic Shear attachments are also used for secondary breaking and recycling, an excellent solution for businesses like scrapyards.

When an exceptional cutting solution is needed, but it is important to avoid the generation of sparks and flames, then a purpose-built machine for steal cutting like an Epiroc Hydraulic Shear is the answer. An attachment such as this is perfect for applications like ships, airplanes, and scrapyards, where precision, speed, and strength is required. Excavator shears are also perfect for demolition and recycling sites. An Epiroc steel cutting Hydraulic Shear is fast working, while also being rugged and dependable.

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