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As a worldwide expert in designing and producing premium, hard-working machinery, ASV gives operators the advantage they need to get more work done at every jobsite.

ASV Range

ASV has built a legacy in the compact equipment industry. From pioneering the Posi-Track compact track loader and now offering an entire machine lineup that’s engineered and built to deliver uncompromising performance.

Designing and manufacturing premium compact track loadersskid steers and attachments that are purpose-built to lead the industry in hydraulic performance, tractive effort, undercarriage technology, reliability, serviceability, and comfort on any terrain. From small landscaping projects and residential construction jobs to acres of excavation, these all-terrain machines enable you to work in more places and in more conditions so you can get more done every day.

MIMICO is proud to join with ASV, bringing to New Zealand a range of machines that stand testament to quality, durability, and performance. From the meticulously designed undercarriage to the robust exterior, every machine is a beacon of precision, ready to tackle the most demanding tasks with unwavering reliability.

Innovation Meets Performance

Dive deep into ASV’s range of Posi Track Loaders, where every machine is a masterpiece. Discover the journey of a brand that provides transformative experiences, being a trailblazer in the industry.

Mission for More Power

ASV Compact Posi Tracks are high-output, making them the best choice for lift and carry tasks in construction, landscaping, and excavation applications and industries.

Collaboration with ASV

ASV are pioneers, the originals in the Compact Track Loader world. These machines are built to be different, because people need a machine that can power better work. ASV design, engineer and build their machines not only to be different, but to be the best.

Providing higher speed, higher ground clearance, less ground pressure and more traction to give you the productivity needed on almost any jobsite.



With their unparalleled maneuverability and precision, ASV loaders are the landscapers’ dream come true, effortlessly handling tasks like grading, mulching, and sod laying.



Navigating through tight spaces or dealing with uneven terrains is a breeze. Their compact design coupled with powerful performance makes them ideal for digging, lifting, and transporting materials.



ASV machines, equipped with specialized attachments, excel in forestry tasks like clearing brush, felling trees, and stump grinding, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.



From plowing fields to handling hay bales, Posi Track loaders prove to be indispensable allies in various agricultural tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing labor-intensive work.


Mining and Excavation

In the challenging environments of mines and quarries, ASV loaders stand out, assisting in material handling, site preparation, and excavation with unmatched durability and efficiency. Their unmatched speed and accuracy make them stand out against other brands. ASV loaders will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently with ease, even in tough quarry environments.

ASV Posi-Track Technology

ASV is set apart from any competitors with its Posi-Track technology. All of their compact track loaders are engineered with ASV-patented Posi-Track® undercarriage technology for optimized performance on a wide-range of terrains.

This ASV invention was designed so your machine has more traction, speed, and perfomrance in any environment. 

Step inside and take control with ASV.

More About ASV

ASV was first founded in 1983 by Edgar Hetteen and Gary Lemke, and their first innovation was the Track Truck which was originally created to be a rubber-tracked vehicle. The imaginative utility machine delivered less ground pressure than a person showcasing the ambition, innovation and relentless pursuit of perfection we know from ASV today.


Over the years, ASV’s investment in research and development has led to machines that are ahead of their time.

Pioneering Spirit

ASV introduced the first Posi Track loader, setting a new standard in the industry.

Global Presence

Today, ASV machines operate in diverse conditions across the globe, a testament to their adaptability and excellence. In New Zealand, you’re backed by MIMICO’s robust service infrastructure, every ASV machine promises seamless operations and quick support.


From the very beginning, ASV has been committed to creating machines that leave a minimal carbon footprint, echoing their vision for a greener future.

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