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Hydraulic multi grapples for excavators, used in sorting and loading applications.

Excavator Grapple

Excavator Grapples are universal tools for the demolition, sorting, and loading of all kinds of materials. They generally consist of a rigid main body with two moving jaws mounted on both ends of a frame.

Epiroc’s Hydraulic Grapple, or Multi-Grapple, has jaws which are powered by one or two hydraulic cylinders. To make Epiroc’s Hydraulic Grapple attachments even more versatile than other brands, they can be equipped with various accessories for different jobs. Some of the most typical consist of steel plates to make it a clam shell bucket and teeth for rock handling.

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Versatile and Universal

Epiroc’s Grapples can be used for demolition, sorting, and loading all kinds of materials. As well as giving you many add on options.

Durable and Strong

Epiroc’s grabs thrive in any project you can throw at them, and can be used for the heaviest of applications in the toughest of conditions.

Powerful Hydraulics

The strong jaws of Epiroc’s Grapples are powered by hydraulic cylinders, and an impressive hydraulic rotator, giving you high capacity and a steady grip.

Epiroc Excavator Grapples

Epiroc’s Hydraulic Grapples are your solution to sorting and loading demolished materials, as well as for demolishing light buildings, all thanks to their particularly robust design.

With such a range of capabilities, these universal tools can be used in a wide variety of projects and applications. 

These Hydraulic Grapples are designed to operate quickly, efficiently, and powerfully, with low cost. Having the advantage of excellent handling with a 360-degree hydraulic rotary drive, powerful hydraulic cylinders delivering a constant closing force, and the high capacity of large jaws for increased efficiency, you don’t need to look anywhere else for forceful, durable excavator grapples. Get the steady grip and precision material handling you need with an Epiroc Hydraulic Grapple.

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