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Wash Plants

MIMICO supplies wash plants from Superior that provide wet processing solutions.

MIMICO offers a range of wash plants from Superior. Wash plants are absolutely essential to the aggregate processing procedure. Typically, wash plants will remove dirt and clay, silt, slime and unwanted materials/debris on the product. Separating and removing the unwanted material increases the quality and value of your product.

About the Wash Plant



Transport recycled materials from one end of the plant to another.


Stockpile mined material for a tider and safer site.


Reduce the need for double handling product with front loaders, using conveyors in its place.

Superior wash plant equipment


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For over three decades what has set MIMICO apart from our competitors is our desire to deliver outstanding service to support the equipment we supply. In doing so we develop long standing relationships with our customers.

How a Wash Plant Can Help

At MIMICO, it’s our priority to assist in improving and maintaining the operation of your business. Superior wash plants are reliable machines that can be found present in recycling plants, quarries and mines around New Zealand.

Increase the value of your product

Removing unwanted material ensures a quality product.

Reduce waste

Don’t waste product and reduce the amount of solid material you discard by using an effective wash plant.

High capacity

Operate at a high capacity to work effeciently with low operation costs enabled by excellent design.

Our Wash Plant Range

If you need assistance or advice on the best solution for you and your needs, our staff have the knowledge and the experience to help. We make the process easy and efficient so you can focus on the job.

Superior Aggredry


Recycling Mining Quarrying 

In broadest terms, the dewatering process is the removal of water in a product by mechanical means. Dewatering equipment is designed to produce a consistent, drip-free product, which is often instantly sellable.

Superior Fine Material Washer


Recycling Mining Quarrying Gravel Coal Woodchip Topsoil

Aggregate materials that are processed through a washing cycle are stripped of any unwanted silts or clays to meet specification. This deleterious or unwanted material in your virgin aggregate may also include natural earthly debris like shale, coal, roots, twigs and/or soft stones.

Superior Spirit Sand Plant


Recycling Mining Quarrying 

The classification process uses water, gravity and settling principles to separate sand or other bulk materials into similar mesh sizes. After sizing the sand, classifying tanks — for example — are capable of re-blending the material to a precise, high-dollar specification. Superior offers a full line of classifying equipment.

Superior Coarse Material Washer


Mining Quarrying Barges Railcars 

In the wet processing of construction aggregates, scrubbing is the action of removing clays, vegetation and other unwanted, sometimes sticky coatings. When it discharges, a scrubbed material transforms into a higher grade, higher-value product.

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