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Excavator magnets are designed to maintain clean demolition and construction sites.

Excavator Magnet

Hydraulic Excavator Magnets are powerful and flexible magnets for handling scrap metal. They can be installed quickly and are powered directly through the excavator. Excavator Magnets can facilitate all operations of collection, separation, and handling of ferromagnetic materials in demolition sites, recycling sites, and scrap yards. Your site will be safer and cleaner – and you’ll save money on maintenance and repairs.

Epiroc’s Excavator Magnet is a hydro magnet that attaches easily to any excavator, and can be operated hydraulically or by radio remote control for your convenience. With the option to have the magnet fixed or moveable, its built-in generator with advanced control technology, and it’s easy installation, this is the excavator magnet attachment you have been looking for.

Epiroc HM 1500 excavator magnet

HM 1500 Excavator Magnet

Excavator Magnet for carrier weight classes between 12 and 30 tonnes.

Epiroc HM 2000 excavator magnet

HM 2000 Excavator Magnet

Excavator Magnet for carrier weight classes between 15 and 45 tonnes.

Turn waste into profit

Easily attached to any hydraulic carrier and ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

Remove Hazards

Remove hazards from site to prevent damage to machinery, protecting your valuable equipment.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Excavator magnets increase the utilization of your carrier and are virtually maintenance free.

Excavator Magnet

Hydraulic Excavator Magnets are designed for excavators between 12 and 45 tones.

With a built in generator and power control, Epiroc Excavator Magnets are 25% faster.

The diagnostic panel and smart protection makes it ready for tough conditions.

Our Excavator Magnet is a highly efficient way of adding magnetic lifting capability to your fleet of excavators. The scrap magnet will help you save on equipment repair and downtime and allow you to turn scrap metal into a profitable income source. A hydro magnet attaches easily to any excavator and is ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.


Model HM 1500 F/M metric ³ HM 2000 F/M metric ³
Carrier weight class ¹ (t) 12 – 30 15-45
Service weight ² (kg) 1.550 2.000
Magnet plate diameter (mm) 1.060 1.250
Height F version (mm) 1.025 1.050
Heigth retract M version (mm) 1.230 1.255
Height extent M version (mm) 1.580 1.605
Operating pressure max (bar) 350 350
Max. return line pressure (bar) 20 20
Oil flow (l/min) 9 – 250 90 – 250
¹ Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agrees with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
² Attachment with average size adapter plate
³ Drainage line required

Connection Hoses

Length (mm) P + T hoses Cab nut both sides
2300 3360 9923 40 30 S. (M42 x 2)
2600 3363 1157 97 30 S. (M24 x 2)
2800 3361 8538 59 30 S. (M42 x 2)

Connection Hoses For Leakage Oil or Activation

Length (mm) Hoses Cab nut both sides
2800 3360 0317 67 12 S. (M20 x 1.5)
2500 3363 0343 99 12 S. (M20 x 1.5)

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