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Oil Sampling

The Kobelco Oil Sampling Service provides early warning detection, diagnosis and evaluation of engine and major hydraulic compartments.

MIMICO Oil Sampling

The Purpose of Oil Sampling

The test results of oil sampling consist of looking at both the health of the equipment and the integrity of the lubricants. Trending of the test data over a period of time is a valuable tool to monitor ongoing equipment condition and allows you to predict corrective action before interruption to operations or increased maintenance costs occurring.

Kobelco Oils

Why Test the Oil?

Oil sample testing is essential to the health of your machine. The data provided offers in depth insights into the performance and operation of equipment, also providing a deeper understanding of maintenance needs. There are a number of benefits associated with regular oil sampling.

Early detection

Oil sampling provided early warning and detection of contaminated lubricants and component failure.

Maximize component life

Increase the life expectancy of your machine with regular health checks and early solutions to predicted component failure.

Promotes intervention before component failure occurs

 With regular oil sampling, we are able to intervene sooner, preventing and mitigating catastrophic component failure.

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