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Hydraulic Attachment Compactors

MIMICO offers a range of Epiroc’s hydraulic attachment compactors to extend the capabilities of your excavator.

MIMICO offer a range of silent demolition hydraulic attachments, including hydraulic attachment compactors. Epiroc’s range is designed for outstanding performance without being disruptive, the silent demolition equipment on offer will expand the capabilities of your excavator and on-site operations. These attachments will allow you to crush, cut, bust, screen, pulverise, and magnetise from anywhere, transforming the efficiency of your site.

About the Hydraulic Compactors



Useful for soil compaction, ground levelling, and embankment construction.

Post Driving

Drive in and pull out posts with the hydraulic compactors, also useful for sheet piling and other formworks

Metso Outotec Screener being serviced

Ready for tough conditions

Broaden your business and turn waste to profit

The Epiroc Hydraulic Compactors are bringing a completely new dimension of capabilities to hydraulic excavators. Easily attached to any hydraulic carrier, the hydraulic magnets are 25% faster, with a built-in generator, power control, diagnostic panel, and smart protection, your equipment is ready to handle the tough conditions of demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities. Reap the benefits of safer, cleaner,a nd more profitable sites.

How the Hydraulic Compactors can Help

At MIMICO, it’s our priority to assist in improving and maintaining the safe and effective day-to-day operations of your business. The hydraulic compaction range is useful for a range of applications on construction sites for soil compaction, trenching, ground levelling, embankment construction, driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piling, and other formworks. These attachments are an excellent choice to expand the usage of your excavator.

Easy operation

Particularly good for busy worksites and tighter spaces, the hydraulic plate compactors are fitted to standard adapter plates and quick coupling systems.

Quiet and safe

The compactor attachments create little noise while offering increased safety, as there is no need for someone to stand near the machine as it operates.

Efficient output

Machine-driven soil compaction is a breeze with an optional continuous rotations device that makes positioning easy and increases productivity.

Our Hydraulic Compactor Range

At MIMICO, it’s our priority to assist in improving and maintaining the operations of your business. If you need assistance or advice on the best solution for you and your needs, our staff have the knowledge and the experience to help. We make the process easy and efficient so you can focus on the job.

Epiroc CC 5000 U concrete cutter

Hydraulic Compactor Attachments

Construction Compaction

The multipurpose Compactor Attachment is useful not only for compacting soil but also for trenches, and embankments, as well as driving in and pulling out posts and framework.

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