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Post hole borer for excavators of 1-3 tons.

Post Hole Borer

Post Hole Borer’s dig holes, and execute soil drilling preparations for applications like fence posts, planting holes, or signpost holes. 

Epiroc’s Post Hole Borers are auger drives ideal for challenging soil and soft rock drilling operations. With this special Drum Cutter technology, good luck finding a more powerful attachment. These Post Hole Borers are compact for easy handling, have a high torque radial piston motor for higher productivity, and a quick auger exchange for high flexibility. With a large variety of augers for various applications available, why look anywhere else?

Excavator Post Hole Borers are for excavators and skid steer loaders of 1 – 3 tones.

Epiroc’s Excavator Post Hole borers have flexible mounting, giving you control over hole diameters and hole depth.

Excellent for soil drilling in preparation for fence posts, planting holes, or signpost holes.

Epiroc’s Excavator Post Hole Borers have a standard connection of 1/2′ BSP. Its quick and easy auger exchange, minimum maintenance and adjustable rotation speed makes it a very robust design. Additional options for an oil flow divider and various auger types.

Flexible Mounting

The post borers have flexible mounting on mini excavators and skid street loaders for a quick and easy auger exchange.

Earth drilling made easy

Epiroc’s specialist tools and attachments allow for easy soil preperation for all kinds of earth drilling.

Robust design

Reliable and effective, Epiroc post hole borers are designed to be rebost with minimum maintenance.


Model LPHB-M
Carrier weight class 1 – 3 t
Weight 31 kg
Oil flow 20 – 60 l/min
Operating pressure 100 – 140 bar
Rotational speed 80 – 200 rpm
Torque at 140 bar/2.030 psi 450 Nm


Model Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Auger 870 90
Auger 870 150
Auger 870 200
Auger 870 250
Auger 870 280
Auger 870 350
Extension rod 500

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