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Our excavator bucket crushers crush all types of inert demolition material which can be re-used on site.

Crusher Bucket

A Crusher Bucket or Bucket Crusher is a type of jaw crusher, designed as a shovel with an open back to release shredded materials. It’s an excavator attachment for built-in crushing construction waste and demolition materials, primarily used in mining and demolition for the breaking-down of crude minerals, concrete, and masonry.

Epiroc’s Crusher Bucket allows for the processing of all inert demolition materials. They are compact, wear resistant, and have a 30% higher output than other models on the market. Perfect for the urban worksite, these attachments are powerful, sophisticated, and easily adjustable.

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On-site concrete and rock crushing made easy

All types of inert demolition material can be crushed and re-used on site with our stone crusher machines.

Top performance at low cost

Less transportation or dumpsite cost. Crushed material can be directly re-used on site or sold to third parties.

All types of inert material

A concrete rock crusher bucket can handle all types of inert material such as asphalt, stone and concrete debris as well as mine and quarry material.

Ideal for urban worksites

Our bucket crushers can be an alternative to traditional crushers in confined areas.

Designed for uptime

Wear resistant and fatigue endurable materials for maximum lifetime at minimum maintenance efforts.

Epiroc Crusher Buckets

Excavator rock Crusher Buckets for carriers of 18-54 tons.

With up to 30% higher output, an automatic anti-lock mechanism, reversible running direction and quick granulometry adjustment.

This excavator attachment has a sophisticated drive system and a compact design.

BC Bucket Crushers are an innovative answer to crushing requirements on today’s worksites. Using a rig-mounted bucket crusher, all types of inert demolition material can be crushed and re-used on site. This process requires less mechanical equipment, less transportation and dumpsite cost and only one operator who handles the demolition attachment as well as the bucket crusher.


Model BC 2100 ³ BC 2500 ³ BC 3700 ³ BC 5300 ³
Carrier weight class ¹ (t) 18-28 22-30 28-38 35-54
Service weight ² (kg) 2.250 23870 4.290 6.050
Length (mm) 2.046 2.465 2.575 2.829
Height (mm) 1.311 1.500 1.600 1.700
Width external (mm) 930 900 1076 1285
Width internal (mm) 730 730 900 1100
Crushing size (mm) 20/40/60/90 20/45/70/ 95/125/150 20/45/70/ 95/125/150 20/45/70/ 95/125/150
Load capacity () 0.5 0.8 1 1.2
Operating pressure (bar) 250 250 250 320
Max leakage oil pressure (bar) 4 4 4 4
Oil flow (l/min) 140-160 160-180 180-200 300
¹ Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agrees with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
² Attachment-sized adapter plate.
³ Drainage line required

Connection Hoses

Length (mm) P + T hoses Seperate drain hose Cab nut both sides
2300 3363 1180 27 30 S. (M42 x 2)
2300 3363 1180 28 20 S. (M24 x15)

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