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Filters and Oils

We provide an extensive selection of excavator filter and service kits, along with the Kobelco Genuine Lubricants range.

Benefits of Genuine Filters & Oils

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Minimise Service Intervals

Keep the maintenance and servicing of your equipment to a minimum, decreasing costs and ensuring operational uptime is maintained throughout the year.

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Maintain Optimal Performance

Genuine lubricants minimises equipment downtime, optimising protection and efficient maintenance, increasing the resale value of your equipment.

Manufacture Approved Products

The Filters and Oils range is specifically manufactured to meet criteria set by factory engineers, ensuring the quality of your equipment’s performance and operation.

MIMICO provide quality plant, equipment and services to maximise customer productivity and profitability. We are supported by a nationwide service network and extensive parts inventory, underpinned by highly trained employees motivated to ensure long term sustainable growth.

Kobelco Lubricants

The Kobelco Genuine Lubricants range is manufactured to meet the design criteria recommended by our factory engineers, ensuring your Kobelco components are protected throughout their lifecycle.

Coupled with Kobelco Oil analysis and testing, Kobelco lubricants offer effective trending analysis that will minimise equipment downtime, permit more efficient maintenance scheduling and increase resale values.

Kobelco Oils

Filters and Filter Kits

Kobelco Genuine Filters are made to exact tolerances that guarantee consistent high quality. They provide consistent performance to protect your engine, drive train, and hydraulic systems.

Kobelco offers an extensive range of filter and service kits for your machine, conveniently packed into one single Kobelco storage box. These kits also provide significant price savings.

Kobelco Filters

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CASE TV450B Track Loader
CASE TV450B Track Loader

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