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Construction Equipment

Quality and innovative construction equipment has been a hallmark of our business for over 30 years.

Construction Equipment for Every Industry

Welcome to MIMICO’s Construction Equipment range, where unparalleled quality meets functionality. Our carefully curated selection includes industry-leading brands such as CASE, ASV, ASTRA, Dynapac, Epiroc, Fuchs, Moxy, and Cesco, offering everything from excavators and wheel loaders to pavers and concrete mixer bowls. Designed to cater to a wide array of construction needs, our equipment range brings you the latest in innovation and efficiency. Whether tackling a major civil project or a small-scale construction job, MIMICO has the right tools to ensure success at every step.

Construction Equipment Brands

Case Large Excavator


CASE offers a wide range of heavy construction equipment for a variety of applications.

Dynapac Scales


One of the world’s pre-eminent manufacturers of compaction and paving equipment.


Patented Posi-Track technology offering top performance and optimal efficiency.

Epiroc Construction


A world leader in demolition equipment and machine mounted hydraulic attachments.

Fuchs Scrap


Material handlers for recycling, scrap, port, and timber applications.

Moxy Articulated Dump Truck


Stability that’s hard to match in any other brand. Unbeatable performance.

Epiroc Construction


Heavy Duty Trucks and tailor made off-road vehicles for the most demanding operations.

Cesco Supacrete Truck


Fully built up units available in New Zealand, made with long-life rheemalloy steel.

Excavators with Epiroc Hydraulic Breakers

Used Equipment

MIMICO stocks a range of top notch used equipment, we have the gear to suit every budget.

Construction Equipment Applications

Hire Equipment?

Call 0800 646 426

Searching for robust and reliable solutions for your construction projects? Look no further than MIMICO’s fleet available for hire. Our hire range includes the latest models, maintained to the highest standards, ensuring you have access to reliable and high-performance equipment whenever you need it. From short-term rentals to long-term leases, we offer hire solutions to fit your project timeline and budget.

Civil Contracting

For the dynamic field of civil contracting, our construction equipment range offers versatility and power. From building infrastructure to developing public works, our equipment, including robust excavators and graders, ensures precision and efficiency in every project.


In roading construction, precision and reliability pave the way to success. Our selection of pavers, rollers, and compactors from brands like Dynapac ensures top-quality results in road construction and maintenance, driving projects forward with excellence.


For the challenging demands of demolition work, our equipment range, including heavy-duty excavators and bulldozers, is built to deliver. These machines offer the strength and durability needed to safely and efficiently bring down structures, no matter the size.


In the recycling sector, efficiency and reliability are key. Our range, featuring specialized machines like material handlers and shredders, is designed to streamline recycling processes, ensuring effective material handling and processing for a sustainable future.

Industry Insights

Shane Rau

Shane Rau

National Sales and Marketing Manager

Customers and competitors often speak to me of our standing in the marketplace including the quality of our relationships with many of our customers. It often defines what we frame as The MIMICO Way, driving our service levels and our business culture.

MIMICO – Building your future.

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Owain Morgan

Auckland North Sales

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Steve Mellar


Jack Deroles

South Island, Whanganui, King Country & Taranaki Sales

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Our Partners

CASE TV450B Track Loader
CASE TV450B Track Loader
CASE TV450B Track Loader

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