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Hydraulic bulk and demolition pulverizers for excavators of 18-40 tons used in recycing and demolition applications.

Concrete Pulverizers

Concrete Hydraulic Pulverisers separate steel from concrete, and break large chunks of material into smaller sizes for further crushing. They are used mostly in demolition, quarrying, and recycling jobs.

Epiroc Concrete Hydraulic Pulverizers crush demolished material between one fixed and one moving jaw to reduce the particle size and to separate iron from other material. With distinctively designed attachments shapes, replaceable tooth plates and cutting blades, a specialty speed valve, and strong body, these are the best Concrete Pulverizers you can get.

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Fast and Efficient

Epiroc’s new integrated speed valves allow for faster working cycles, meaning you can get your work done more efficiently.

Replaceable and Reversible Blades

The cutting blades on both the demolition and bulk pulverisers are both reversible and replaceable. 

Robust Design

These Epiroc hydraulic pulverisers are built to last. Robust, powerful, and durable so you can get the work done easily.

Epiroc Hydraulic Pulverizers

Epiroc’s concrete pulverizers are machines utilising the strength of one fixed jaw and a moving jaw to crush material between them. These are helpful for many applications including reducing particle size of demolished material, or separating out iron from other materials.

Here at MIMICO we offer both demolition pulverizers and bulk pulverizers. Epiroc’s demolition pulverizers have the ideal function of combining the applications of an excavator material pulverizer with that of a demolition attachment. The bulk pulverizers are conceived expertly for secondary demolition and additional reduction of reinforced concrete elements, thanks to their angled shape.

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