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Epiroc HC 350 Plate Compactor

Epiroc’s hydraulic plate compactors are designed for effectively compacting soil in trenching, ground levelling, embankment construction, driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piling and other formworks.

Hydraulic plate compactor for excavators of 3-8 tonnes.


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A quiet, safe and efficient alternative. Epiroc’s hydraulic plate compactors are designed for compacting soil, trenches and embankments as well as driving in and pulling out posts and formwork.

Why hydraulic plates compactors as excavator attachments?

Machine-driven soil compactors work quickly and economically and are easy to operate. Hydraulic compactors can be fitted to standard adapter plates and quick-coupling systems.

Quiet and safe

A compactor attachment creates little noise and offers increased safety particularly when used in trenches, as there is no longer any need for someone to stand directly in the workspace

Easy positioning

Optional continuous rotation device makes positioning easy. Productivity can be enhanced, even in terrain which is hard to be accessed.

  • Carrier weight class: 3-8 t.
  • Carrier weight class with rotation device: 4-8 t.
  • Service weight: 296 kg.
  • Service weight with rotation device: 450 kg.
  • Height: 623 mm.
  • Plate dimensions (w x l): 475 x 846 mm.
  • Plate coverage: 0.31 m².
  • Vibrating force: 2.3 t.
  • Vibrating frequency: 35 Hz.
  • Revolutions per minute: 2.100 n/min.
  • Operating pressure: 160 bar.
  • Oil flow: 57 l/min.

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