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The Dynapac Light Equipment range compliments Dynapac’s larger compaction and paving equipment to get the job done in relatively confined spaces. The focus is on every possible type of material to compact, through weight classes and different types of machines. Combined with Dynapac’s decades of experience in the world of compaction and paving, this incredible range of equipment will ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

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Discover more about the walk-behind equipment from Dynapac. Rammers, forward and reversible vibratory plates, and the utility roller – it’s a fantastic range of equipment that is Designed to Perform right here in New Zealand.

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PACKS A PUNCH // From high-precision maneuvering to the roughest conditions, the four stroke low emission rammers from Dynapac lets you handle them all with ease. The hour and tacho-meter lets you stay connected for service planning and optimised use thus boosting productivity. Transport wheels and foot extensions ensure incredible flexibility.


IN A TIGHT SPOT OR NOT // Looking for a solution for compacting in confined areas? Look no further than the streamlined Dynapac DFP’s. Super comfort handles with HAV values below 2.5m/s2 lets you play it smoothly – all day long. Add-on wheels, mats and a water tank adds to the versatility.


STEADY & READY, IN ALL DIRECTIONS // When it comes to larger areas, the powerful DRP’s are ideal for the job – traction and compaction made easy. With an adjustable lever and steering height, Dynapac reversible plates are ideal for simple and precise handling. Extreme conditions are easily dealt with thanks to their rugged design and all- around hard shell. The operating hour meter, together with easy-access maintenance points, make this machine operator-friendly. An attachable mat is available as an option to increase the plates area of application.


THE TRENCH SETTER // The radio-controlled articulated roller, with low and high amplitude vibration guarantees the best results. Profit maximisation and low operating costs are achieved by the roller’s Eco-mode, maintenance-free articulated joint, and fast trouble-shooting with machine diagnostics. Modular pad drum extensions enable you to work with two drum widths. Additionally D.ONE can also work with smooth drum. All-in-all, a real utility roller!

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