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ASV Training and Demo Day is a Success

by | Dec 8, 2023 | ASV, News

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ASV Oceania Product Manager, Kevin Keenan, recently visited the MIMICO headquarters in Matamata to train our sales force and demonstrate the features of the ASV track loaders and skid steers.

Clements Contracting Brewer's Quarry

Learning from an Expert

Kevin, who is a veteran in the industry, delivered an in-depth analysis and breakdown of the ASV range of products. From the RT40 to the RT135, the crew got a good taste of the versatile capabilities that these machines host, adding a layer of understanding for our national sales force.

The practical demonstration of the equipment provided insight into the workings and performance of the gear. It was quite the statement witnessing a pro, Kevin, maneuvering the RT50 track loader – levelling a small hill with ease.

MDS M412 Trommel

Once the reins were handed over, the team eagerly took their turns behind the controls. The machines showcased their prowess, effortlessly handling soft ground conditions with remarkable digging, pushing and traction capabilities. Some of them pushing the boundaries more than others but having a great time while doing so. 

    MDS M412 Trommel

    This training exercise was crucial for our team to understand what the machines are capable of, but it also helped them comprehend what the priorities and challenges are for our customers.

    We hope to get Kevin back soon to share more of his knowledge and demonstrations.


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