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Horizontal Slurry Pumps

The handling of Mining and Aggregate slurries is a very punishing application that can have a major impact on plant productivity and efficiency. As global demand and competition continue to grow, it is more important than ever for producers to find reliable partners with solutions focused on improving the bottom line.

Metso offers a comprehensive line of horizontal slurry pumps to serve a wide range of slurry transport applications. Metso’s total solution of pumps, parts and service tackle even the most abrasive applications and help our customers reduce operating costs.

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MD Series mill discharge pumps
Metso Outotec MD Series horizontal mill discharge pumps are designed for efficient operation and long wear life in grinding mill circuits where high abrasive slurries are often encountered.

These pumps are equipped with rugged wet-end parts that feature heavy metal or rubber sections at points of extreme wear to increase performance and reduce maintenance cost.

  • Flow rates to 12 000 m³/h – 52 800 USGPM
  • Heads up to 70 m – 230 ft

Typical applications

  • SAG/Ball mill discharge pumps
  • Tailings pumps
  • Hydrocyclone feed


X Series slurry pumps
X Series horizontal slurry pumps are extra heavy-duty and designed especially the most demanding pumping applications in mind.

The series consists of hard metal and rubber lined slurry pumps.

  • Flow rates to 10 000 m³/h – 44 000 USGPM
  • Heads up to 75 m – 250 ft

Typical applications

  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Extra heavy duty highly abrasive slurries
  • Hydrocyclone feed
  • Mine refuse and tailings
  • Industrial processing
  • Mill discharge
  • Sand and gravel
  • Medium duty abrasive slurries
  • In plant slurry transfer pumps


Orion Series slurry pumps
Orion Series horizontal slurry pumps consists of two ranges, the H-range is designed for the most arduous industrial slurry pumping applications, and the M-range is made for abrasive duties and medium heads in general plant transfer applications.

Orion Series H-range

  • Flow rates to 2 800 m³/h – 10 000 USGPM
  • Heads up to 100 m – 330 ft

Orion Series M-range

  • Flow rates to 5 000 m³/hr – 20 000 USGPM
  • Heads up to 60 m – 200 ft

Typical applications

  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Hydrocyclone feed
  • Mine refuse and tailings
  • In plant slurry transfer pumps
  • Industrial processing
  • Coal and power plant ash
  • Sand and gravel


VASA HD Series slurry pumps
VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps are an excellent choice for applications where the smallest Metso Outotec MD Series or X Series pumps are too large.

Furthermore, VASA HD pumps are well suited for when a higher maximum pump operating pressure is needed.

  • Flow rates to 1 000 m³/h – 4 400 USGPM
  • Heads up to 55 m – 180 ft
  • Maximum operating pressure 25 bar – 360 psi

Typical applications

  • Mill discharge
  • Hydrocyclone feed
  • Tailings disposal
  • In plant slurry transfer pumps


Thomas Simplicity Series dredge pumps
Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps are designed for dredging large and abrasive materials. They allow maximum particle size passage while maintaining high efficiency.

The standard pumps can be configured for deck/hull mounting, or ladder/underwater mounting, and in either right hand or left hand rotation.

  • Flow rates from 500 to 10 000 m³/h – 2 200 to 44 000 USGPM
  • Heads to 75 m – 250 ft

Typical applications

  • Dredging
    • Sand and gravel
    • Contract dredging
    • Tailings
  • Booster pump
  • Sand waste pump
  • Material transfer pump


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