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Dynapac CS1400

The Dynapac CS1400 static roller is a modern, articulated three-drum roller with the same static linear load and drum diameter on all drums. The roller covers the asphalt mat with its full width. The CS1400 roller is used primarily to compact asphalt when the course has a typical thickness of up to 50 mm, depending on the stiffness of the asphalt compound and the prevailing weather conditions.

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The machine is suitable for medium-size and large-size applications. It is ideal for use in areas where the ground should not be vibrated, such as in areas close to old buildings and on bridges.


The Dynapac CS1400 VI has ample power resources and fulfils Stage V/ T4final emission regulations. For markets not having the ultra low sulfur diesel fuel there is also a stage IIIA engine alternative available. Both engine alternatives got an ECO-position on the throttle control that keeps fuel consumption and noise at a low level. Automatic idling is also standard.


The engine is easily accessed, as it is placed between the front drums under a large fully openable engine hood and service points like engine oil check, battery plus fuel filters are placed within easy reach in front of the cooler.


The swiveling operator’s module allows a 180° (+/- 90°) turn of seat, instruments and levers , keeping the operator in full control. It can also slide from side to side for best visibility and ergonomics. Four different cabs and one ROPS platform gives a flexibility to adapt to all markets needs.


The Dynapac CS1400 VI features the same reliable safety brakes as other Dynapac rollers. The brakes are automatically engaged on all three drums in the event of engine malfunction or hydraulic failure. In addition, the reserve/parking brake button on the instrument panel is easily accessible as the instrument panel follows the seat and steering module.


The equal static linear load on the three drums and the centre point articulation makes it possible to calculate with the full 2100 mm compaction width all the time. This gives up to 50% more capacity compared with old pivot steered concepts. The 50% higher capacity means 50% lower fuel consumption and 50% less working time needed.

  • Operating mass (without ballast): 11000 kg
  • Max. operating mass (ballasted): 13200 kg
  • Max. front module mass (ballasted): 6900 kg
  • Max. rear module mass (ballasted): 6300 kg
  • Type: Articulated steering
  • Turning radius, inside: 3550 mm
  • Turning radius, outside: 5650 mm
  • Vertical oscillation: ±9°
  • Transport speed: 0-15 km/h
  • Working speed: 0-10 km/h
  • Static linear load (w/o ballast), front: 51 kg/cm
  • Static linear load (w/o ballast), rear: 49 kg/cm
  • Max. static linear load (ballasted), front: 60 kg/cm
  • Max. static linear load (ballasted), rear: 59 kg/cm
  • Rolling width: 2100 mm
  • Drum overlap: 50 mm
  • Water tank: 530 l



  • Compaction width mm
  • Drum diameter mm
  • Drum width 2100 mm
  • Length mm
  • Width mm 


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