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Superior Zipline Modular Overland Conveyor

These are custom-engineered structural systems with performance-matched conveyor components. Superior Industries offers three options:

  • Zipline Modular Overland Conveyor: the economical overland alternative.
  • Engineered Overland Conveyor: for made-to-order material handling.
  • Trailblazer Conveyor: the world’s only portable overland conveyor.

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Overland conveyors are used for long-distance transport of bulk material. These systems are a great option to combat the rising day-to-day costs associated with using haul trucks in challenging applications.


Pre -Engineered, Modular Overland System Designed For Easy Installation

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Pre-designed head, intermediate and tail sections.
  • Customizable lengths up to 762m.
  • Belt widths of 762mm to 1,220mm.
  • SUPERIOR COMPONENTS: Perhaps our most unique feature is conveyor components manufacturing. All the idlers, pulleys, scrapers and accessories are built by Superior.
  • CUSTOM ENGINEERING: From channel depth to mechanical systems, every detail is based on specifications of your application like material characteristics and capacity.
  • IN-HOUSE ENGINEERING: 100% of your new equipment is designed within the same company that manufactures the overland conveyor. Right here at Superior.
  • TOTAL PACKAGE: As manufacturers of entire processing plants, a conveyor is never an independent project. It’s designed to work with the rest of your equipment.
  • DRIVE DESIGN: Be confident that the engine of your conveyor — the PT components — are specced, assembled and tested all within Superior.
  • FEWER CONVEYORS: Compared to multiple jump conveyors, there’s one transfer point, one belt and one power supply.
  • ROAD PORTABLE: Up to 152m of overland conveyor packaged in a road-portable load.
  • SWIFT SETUP: Experienced crews can set up or dismantle in about an hour. First timers will finish in one shift.
  • CONVEYOR HINGES: Every 3.2m a joint in the structure retracts or extends the conveyor like an accordion.
  • SUPPORT STANDS: Conveniently packaged and stored over the fifth wheel hitch during transportation.

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