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CASE CX250C Excavator

The CASE CX250C excavator is a powerful performer, with fast cycle times and great productivity.

It is a good option if you feel you are not quite ready to step up to the 30 tonner. Through the use of 5 new fuel saving functions, the CX250C excavator speeds up productivity and substantially improves fuel economy.

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The CASE CX250C excavator is suitable for a range of applications including quarries, road construction and landfill waste management.


Through the use of 5 new fuel saving functions, C series excavators speed up productivity and substantially improve fuel economy. The new systems include:

  • Boom Economy Control (BEC) – Increased fuel efficiency during boom lower and swing operations.
  • Automatic Economy Control (AEC)- Improved fuel efficiency when servo joysticks are in neutral position and the operator is not calling for power from the machine.
  • Swing Relief Control (SWC) – Carefully manages the hydraulic power distribution at slewing operations, to provide the most efficient flow and pressure.
  • Spool Stroke Control (SSC) – Creates an automatic pressure adjustment during digging and levelling operations.
    Idle functions: All C-series excavators also feature Auto Idle and Idle Shut Down systems.

As part of the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System all Case C Series excavators benefit from improvements in performance and productivity.

Lifting capacity is increased and cycle times have been cut. Individual operating weights are slightly increased to cope with the additional digging and loading forces, ensuring stable, consistent high production.

Bucket and boom down regeneration systems feed hydraulic oil back to the supply side of the pump, reducing the requirement for engine power.


All filters and regular fill points are grouped for easy access, with engine oil change intervals set at 500 hours. A synthetic filter is used for the hydraulic oil, providing 5,000 hour intervals, and all pins and bushes (except the bucket pin) use the Case Extended Maintenance System bushings, allowing greasing intervals of up to 1,000 hours.

The radiator and cooler cores are mounted side by side, to allow easy access for cleaning and more efficient cooling.

  • Operating Weight (kg): 25,100.
  • Engine Power kW (hp): 132 (177).
  • Max Reach (mm): 10,280.
  • Digging Depth (mm): 6,900.

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