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CASE 836C Grader

Weighing it at 12 tonnes and with a 3350mm moldboard, the CASE 836C grader ticks all the boxes for an efficient and compact maintenance grader. And it comes with a cost effective price tag.

Sending power to the ground, the 836C is a low emission grader that maximises operation at higher speeds and is safe and easy to maintain.

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The CASE 836C grader is the perfect grader for road patch repairs and for those narrow rural gravel roads due to its small footprint and ease of transport.


Jerk free shifting

The automatic shifting function eases the operator concentration and optimizes the machine performances letting the grader engine work on the most productive area of the power curve. The function combined with the torque converter never reaches the power unit stall, making the real difference from competitors in the grader sector. 100% automatic diff. Lock: the automatic «no-Spin» differential instantaneously transfers the torque from the slipping tyre to the wheel with better grip. The system doesn’t require any driver intervention allowing the operator to be focused on the blade movement control.


Precise at any speed

Creep mode on AWD models: two machines in one, the hydrostatic creep mode makes the front speed virtually independent from the engine revolutions: therefore the grader can be used in compaction application reducing the overall fleet deployed in road construction. Independently from the transmission chosen, 4 WD or 6WD, the 836C can be also equipped with 24’’ tyres: the ideal solution on uneven soils and when a low tyre bumping effect is required.


Zero friction engineering solutions

Moldboard design revolutionises and maximises controllability: very low friction developed during operation, jolt-free high rotation torque for a very smooth and accurate blade rotation and steadiness. The slewing ring is mounted on roller bearings activated by internal gearing avoiding backlash, wear and supporting high mechanical strain. The exclusive moldboard design, with fewer greasing points, reduces the daily maintenance drastically. During the machine service life, periodical substitution of wear inserts is not required cutting down overall maintenance costs.


Stress free stucture

The “A-Shape” structure constantly compensates the efforts while working. The typical lateral stress on off-set position are virtually elimates for longer operating life. The saddle can be hydraulically set on five different positions very easily thanks to a pin lock system; the exclusive moldboard geometry enables the operator to rotate the blade over 90° for each working side without any mechanical interference.


Easy material rolling

The infinitely variable radius blade reduces the traction effort, and in finishing operations improves the material mixing effect.

  • Operating Weight (kg): 12,005 (with rear ripper).
  • Moldboard Options: 2440/3050/3350mm.
  • Net Power kW (hp): 115 (156).

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