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CASE CX350C Excavator

The CASE CX350C excavator offers excellent efficiency in a heavy excavator, incredible breakout force, lifting strength and responsiveness.

Efficient, reliable, comfortable and versatile – you can count on the CASE CX350C.

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The CASE CX350C excavator is perfect for a range of medium to heavy-duty contracting, construction and recycling applications.

  • The C-Series Hydraulic Excavators are powered by Tier 4 Interim – certified Isuzu Engine with double to multi CEGR (cooled exhaust gas recirculation) and one-piece diesel particle difusor (DPD) that burns cleaner while delivering superior horsepower.
  • The combination of engine technology and Advanced Hydraulic System grants 10% of fuel economy.
  • Automatic self-regeneration of the diesel particulate diffusor (DPD) ensures no loss of productivity, while low engine rpm, improved hydraulic pump control and five new energy saving systems boost fuel economy up by 10%.
  • A green economy gauge can be activated in the cab to inform the operator of the most economical settings for the machine, reporting fuel consumption in real-time.

POWER SAVE: the pump discharge pressure when the machine is at rest.

PUMP TORQUE CONTROL: prevents drop in engine rpm when lifting heavy loads. Less fuel consumption and effective energy usage thanks to the 5 ENERGY SAVING FUNCTIONS:

  • BEC – Boom Economy Control: it increases the fuel efficiency during the lowering of the boom and swing operations.
  • AEC – Automatic Economy Control: it reduces the rpm when the joysticks are in neutral position.
  • SRC – Swing Relief Control: the pump sends a small amount of oil at the very beginning of the slewing operations.
  • SSC – Spool Stroke Control: automatic speed adjustment during digging and leveling.
  • AES – Auto Energy Safe: Auto Idle and Idle Shut Down.

Improved design for durable performances

  • The new boom and arm are Heavy Duty, more robust and reinforced in the more stressed areas, optimising the durability and the performances at the same time: the boom is average 8% lighter than the previous series.
  • HD booms and arms are standard, to grant the maximum reliability also in the toughest applications.
  • Increased productivity: extra lifting capacity thanks to the front attachment optimisation.
  • Maximum efficiency: lighter, but stronger front attachment (more lifting, less fuel consumption).
  • Higher resale value: re-designed attachment for more durability and less maintenance cost.
  • Superior wide and roomy cab with ample legroom.
  • New cushioning system to lower noise and vibration levels for the operator’s ultimate comfort.
  • Totally adjustable workstation with fully reclinable air-suspensioned seat.
  • Air conditioning system with 25% more airflow and 6% better performances.
  • Operating Weight (kg): 35,600.
  • Engine Power kW (hp): 198 (265).
  • Max Reach (mm): 11,170.
  • Digging Depth (mm): 7,340.

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