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ASV RT-40 Compact Track Loader

Exceptional power and performance come standard. With a compact frame and maximum power, the ASV RT-40 provides a productive alternative to walk-behind and stand-on mini skid-steer loaders.

ASV offers an ever-expanding lineup of purpose-built accessories for brush cutting, mulching, land clearing and other heavy-duty applications.

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With its reliability, serviceability and comfort the ASV RT-40 Posi-Track® is ideal for homeowners and contractors looking to accomplish a lot in small spaces.


Built for performance, this 4’ wide powerhouse features a turbocharged YANMAR diesel powerplant. The 1.6-litre displacement engine produces 93.6 foot-pounds of torque while providing high tractive effort as a result of ASV’s Posi-Power system—this allows for exceptional pushing and digging power.


The ASV RT-40 compact track loader is engineered to deliver minimal ground pressure while topping out at 7.1MPH and reaching an impressive 8.4-foot lift height. The machine’s frame allows for a 10.8-inch ground clearance thoroughly outperforming any walk-behind or stand-on loader when it comes to traveling obstructed terrain.


To give operators peace of mind, we designed the RT-40 with premium safety, comfort, and visibility features. The seated cab eliminates the fatigue from standing all day and offers protection from the elements. It’s built to provide ample headroom for taller operators and it’s pressurized for a clean, comfortable environment. Large windows also make it easy for operators to be aware of their surroundings.


For maximum serviceability, the RT-40 is designed with a large rear-tilting hood to provide easy access to all maintenance points, including filters, oil and fuel tanks, reservoirs, hydraulic and water separator drains, and the battery. Servicing improvements within the cab include placing the fuse panel there for fast access, as well as making the seat removable with just two bolts. All of these features mean less downtime spent servicing the machine and more time operating it.

  • Engine power (hp): 37.5.
  • Tipping Load (kg): 1,206.
  • Operating Weight (kg): 1,894.
  • Machine width (mm): 1,225.

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