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MDS M515 Trommel

The M515 Track Trommel is perfect for cleaning dirty material and can handle rocks up to 800mm in size. It comes complete with fold out stockpiling conveyors and is ideal for moving around the quarry and from one site to the next.

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  • Overburden.
  • Sticky/Dirty Clay.
  • Rip-Rap/Armour Rock.
  • Steel Slag.
  • Limestone.
  • Primary Screening.
  • Demolition/Concrete.
  • Blasted Rocks.

The MDS M515 trommel is a versatile unit and can be used in different applications. MDS offers different drum options to cater for the needs of customers. Drum frame with changeable screens and fully welded drums are available as options.

MDS 515 trommels are made up of a drum with a 4m fines section and 1.5m mid-product section. There are various combinations of drums that can be set up on the machine. These are either frames with changeable screens or fully-welded drums. The exact configuration depends on the application and requirements of the customer.

A fully-welded drum on the fines section is needed if installing a drum cleaner – for sizes larger than 300mm. A fully-welded drum is needed in mid-product (max drum size 425mm/16.5”).

  • WEIGHT: 48 tons.
  • DRUM DIAMETER: 1.5m (4ft 11”).
  • DRUM LENGTH: 5.5m (18ft 1”).
  • MAX ROCK SIZE: 800mm (32”).
  • APPROX TONS PER HOUR: 350 to 500.
  • ENGINE: 96kW (128.7HP) Cat 4.4.
  • TRANSPORT LENGTH: 17,047mm (55’ 11”).
  • TRANSPORT WIDTH: 2980mm (9’9”), 3179mm (10’ 5”) with Grid.
  • TRANSPORT HEIGHT: 3497m (11’6”), 3735mm (12’ 3”) with Grid.

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