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Epiroc MG 400 & MG 400 R Excavator Grapple

Epiroc’s demolition and sorting grabs are universal tools for demolition, sorting and loading all kind of materials. The basic structure is quite simple and similar: a rigid main body with two moving jaws mounted on both ends of the frame. The jaws are powered by one or two hydraulic cylinders and are connected together with a steel bar so they move simultaneously. For heavy applications these hydraulic grapples are equipped with a powerful hydraulic rotator but for light loading and sorting jobs a tilt rotator can replace it.

The MG 400 & MG 400 R are for excavators of 4 to 8 tonnes.

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Epiroc’s Multi Grapples are ideal excavator attachments for loading and sorting various materials as well as demolishing wooden and masonry structures.

  • 360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handing.
  • Integrated mechanical stop to reduce load on cylinders.
  • Solid perforated shells provide excellent visibility during operations.
  • Cutting blades are both replaceable and reversible.
  • Possible to switch from rotation to non-rotation or converse.
  • Optional tooth blades for block and stone handling.
  • Optional bolt-on side plates for handling fine-grained material and debris.
  • Carrier weight class: 4-8 t.
  • Service weight (rotation): 475 kg.
  • Service weight (non-rotation): 445 kg.
  • Product weight (rotation): 404 kg.
  • Product weight (non-rotation): 375 kg.
  • Jaw opening, max: 1,480 mm.
  • Grapple width: 603 mm.
  • Max. closing force: 2.3 t.
  • Loading volume: 0.21 m³.
  • Oil flow: 35-50 l/min.
  • Operating pressure: 300 bar.
  • Oil flow, rotation: 10-15 l/min.
  • Max operating pressure, rotation: 170 bar.

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