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Epiroc HM 2000 Excavator Magnet

Epiroc’s HM 2000 excavator magnet is a highly efficient way of adding magnetic lifting capability to your fleet of excavators. The scrap magnet will help you save on equipment repair and downtime and allow you to turn scrap metal into a profitable income source. A hydro magnet attaches easily to any excavator and is ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

There are two versions of scrap magnets for excavators, per model. You can select from the fixed excavator magnet (F version) and the mobile hydro magnet with chain link (M version).

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Broaden your business – turn waste into profit. Epiroc’s excavator magnets are easily attached to any hydraulic carrier and ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

Remove hazards. Prevent damage. Reduce down-time.

Scrap metal and rebars lying around on sites can be a safety hazard. The iron and steel may cause flat tires on the trucks and damage to equipment such as crushers and conveyer belts. With an Epiroc scrap lifting magnet you can collect this scrap metal effectively and protect both your workforce and your equipment.

Your site will be safer and cleaner – and you’ll save money on maintenance and repairs.

  • Carrier weight class: 15-45 t.
  • Service weight: 2,000 kg.
  • Magnet plate diameter: 1,250 mm.
  • Height F version: 1,050 mm.
  • Height retract M version: 1,255 mm.
  • Height extent M version: 1,605 mm.
  • Operating pressure max: 350 bar.
  • Max. return line pressure: 20 bar.
  • Oil flow: 90-250 l/min.

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