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McCloskey Environmental ER-155 Screener

No More Slow Loading! The McCloskey Environmental ER-155 is designed for use with larger loaders. The 16ft target is 25% larger, allowing for more material and no spillage, making this ER-155 an excellent mobile solution for materials handling operations.

New for this ER-155 scalping screener, are longer hopper and an extended tail conveyor. This provides maximum load flexibility to customers and accommodates a larger variety of loaders and can work in a variety of sites around the world.

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The McCloskey Environmental ER-155 High Energy Screener is a tough, robust screening tool designed to cope with the heaviest of applications.

  • 16×5 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screen box
  • 130Hp diesel engine
  • Direct feed Hardox lined hopper
  • Travel out fixed walkways
  • Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors
  • Fast on site setup time – 10 minutes
  • Screen raises at lower end for easy bottom deck access
  • Service standing room inside Powerpack
  • Track mobile

Flex-Flow Screens are built to take on the toughest materials, screening effectively without build-up, blinding, and clogging. The ER-155 and ER-230 Flex-Flow models work in tandem with other on-site equipment. With their fast set up time and ability to move around job sites, the screeners are uniquely suited to projects where manoeuvrability is key.

  • Engine: 130hp (98kW) Diesel
  • Transport Height: 3.53m
  • Transport Length: 15.30m
  • Transport Width: 3.54m
  • Weight: 36,100kg
  • Stockpile Height Extended Tail Conveyor: 3.75m
  • Stockpile Height Side Fines Conveyor: 3.96m
  • Stockpile Height Side Mid Conveyor: 3.60m
  • Screenbox Dimensions: 5’ X 16’ (155 FT²)

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