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McCloskey Environmental EF-80R Feeder Stacker

The McCloskey Environmental EF-80R radial feeder stacker features a large feeder hopper that transfers material onto an 80ft conveyor, all fitted to a slew ring assembly allowing for full 360° radial. Its maneuverability makes this unit very versatile and makes it ideal for barge loading and unloading, rail loading and unloading, and stockpiling. The ability to move parallel enables the operator to maneuver the unit parallel to the vessel meaning the machine can crab alongside.

The unit can also be compacted for transport on one low loader for easy site to site transport.

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The McCloskey Environmental EF-80R radial feeder stacker is designed to allow operators to stockpile/transfer material, eliminating the double handling of material.

  • CAT 4.4 100 kW (127HP) engine
  • Hydraulic folding heading section for transport minimising setup time
  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 10m
  • Fuel efficient hydraulics system
  • 4m tracks for superior maneuverability and stability
  • User friendly hydraulic controls
  • Dual hydraulic main drive system
  • Remote near stabilising legs for easy operator use
  • Remote radio tracking
  • Hopper extensions increasing capacity
  • Engine: CAT 4.4 127hp
  • Transport Height: 3.4m
  • Transport Length: 19.4m
  • Transport Width: 3.2m
  • Overhang Transport: 7.2m
  • Weight: 27,500kg
  • Working Max Length: 6.2m
  • Working Max Height: 10m
  • Stockpile Height: 10m
  • Hopper Capacity: 13m³
  • Production Rate (MAX): 800 tph
  • Radial: FULL 360°

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