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Epiroc HB 3600 Rock Breaker

Epiroc’s heavy breakers are highly adapted for primary blast-free rock excavation and secondary rock breaking on construction sites and in quarries, surface and underground mines as well as primary demolition of massive reinforced concrete structures.

Hydraulic breaker for excavators of 35-63 tonnes.

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Intelligent Protection System (IPS)

IPS means no manual switching. Now the functions are ingeniously combined in Epiroc´s Intelligent Protection System (IPS). IPS ensures that the hydraulic breaker always starts in the AutoStart mode. When the contact pressure between chisel and material increases and AutoControl switches from a short piston stroke to a long piston stroke IPS switches automatically to the AutoStop mode. When the chisel breaks through the material the breaker automatically shuts off and prevents blank firing.

Energy Recovery

The piston recoil energy is automatically utilized to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input and to lower vibrations.


Built-in overload protection valve shuts off the hydraulic breaker when operating pressure is not in line with specifications thus protecting it from costly downtimes and repairs.

ContiLube (TM) II (optional)

Epiroc’s self-priming lubrication pump with adjustable grease volume, directly mounted on the hydraulic breaker, for uninterrupted operation and optimised lubrication. You can check the level of grease in the cartridge from the excavator cabin.

Dust Protector II (optional)

Patented dust sealing system, combining two independently operating wipers, one for coarse debris and one for fine dust, extending service life of components.

VibroSilenced Plus

System insulates the percussion mechanism and breaker box by polyurethane damping and guiding elements and sealing of all breaker openings to reduce noise and vibration levels.


Automatic piston stroke length switching system adjusts the output balance during operation, thus optimising the performance.

Retainer bars

Two oval-shaped tool retainer bars with a simple but reliable locking system – for quick tool exchange and increased durability.

Tie rods

Vibration damping tie rods with polyurethane collar and HeliCoil locking system for high durability.

Percussion chamber ventilation

Active non-return valve ventilates the percussion champer during the upwards movement of the piston minimising penetration of abrasive dust and expelling dust contaminated grease from the tool guiding system.

Hybrid technology

With an integrated nitrogen piston accumulator for constantly high impact energy, safe start-up and smooth operation.

  • Carrier weight class: 35 t – 63 t.
  • Service weight: 3,600 kg.
  • Working tool diameter: 170 mm.
  • Working length of tool: 700 mm.
  • Hydraulic input power, max: 90 kW.
  • Oil flow: 240 l/min – 300 l/min.
  • Operating pressure: 160 bar – 180 bar.
  • Impact rate: 280 blows/min – 560 blows/min.
  • Sound power level, guaranteed: 123 dB(A).

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