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Dynapac CC1400 VI

The sixth generation of the Dynapac CC1400 VI small asphalt rollers are designed to meet the construction industry’s tough conditions with the operator in mind, resulting in a robust, comfortable and modern machine for best compaction result.

The new machine has a unique design with its’ cross-mounted engine in combination with an excellent visibility and massive casted forks with flexible lifting/towing/tie down possibilities.

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The Dynapac CC1400VI has been designed to meet the toughest construction industry conditions with the operator in mind. It is a robust, comfortable and modern machine that provides the best compaction result.


The robust engine hood is designed for an optimal view over the front drum. In combination with the optional sliding seat of totally 210 mm it gives the operator the best sliding possibilities and visibility on the market. Optional ROPS-mounted working LED lights provide additional visibility during nightwork.


A mechanical adjustable offset function is standard on all models. By adjusting the front frame to the right, you will get an offset of the front drum up to 50 mm making it easier to compact close to walls and curbs with less risk of damaging the machine. Also, it increases the surface capacity while removing the chance of making marks in the mat and gets rid of marks in the mat when making the last pass. Optional rear mounted chip spreader is for creating friction on newly laid asphalt.


The design of the pressurised sprinkler system facilitates a smooth and reliable compaction with maximum uptime. The rollers are equipped with a sprinkler system with an easily accessible sprinkler pump, filter and sprinkler bars including 3 sprinkler nozzles on each drum. The large water tank includes a capacity of 205 l/54 gal for the CC1100 VI/1200 VI and 298 l/79 gal for the CC1300 VI/1400 VI. In combination with the sprinkler timer, it helps the operator to save water leading to less downtime for water-filling.


The rollers include an efficient eccentrics system which guarantees an optimum power performance in the vibration start-up process.


A cross-mounted engine and a possibility to fully open engine hood to easily enable access to all daily service-points. The sprinkler pump and filter are easily accessible behind a cover above the rear drum.


An optional canopy protecting the driver from sun and different weather conditions facilitates operator´s efficiency. The canopy is foldable for easy and efficient transportation. The forward and reverse lever follows the seat as it slides for better ergonomics. The sliding seat possibility, an optional lever, facilitates even better ergonomics and control of the compaction process.


The rollers have an easy to understand instrument panel. The operator platform is vibration dampened, with drive lever that follows the seat as it slides. A canopy roof can be added to further protect the operator.


An edge presser tool is available for better joint binding as front right mounted for CC1100 VI/1200 VI or a double front mounted alternative for the CC1300 VI/1400 VI, and a cutting disc of 50 mm cutting depth is also available as option.


Flexible lifting, tie down, and towing possibilities in the casted forks enabling fast and easy transportation. An optional central lifting point makes transportation between job-sites easier.

  • Max. operating mass: 5,130 kg
  • Operating mass (incl. ROPS): 4,300 kg
  • Module mass (front/rear): 2,080 kg/ 2,220 kg
  • Speed range: 0-9 km/h
  • Vertical oscillation: ±10°
  • Theor. gradeability: 37 %
  • Centrifugal force: 43/35 kN
  • Nominal amplitude: 0.5 mm
  • Static linear load (front / rear): 15.1 / 16.1 kg/cm
  • Vibration frequency: 54/49 Hz
  • Water tank: 298 l

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