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Fuchs MHL310 F

Requirements in the recycling industry are wide and varied. Thanks to a wide range of useful options, the Fuchs MHL310 can be perfectly adapted to most recycling handling applications and requirements.

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The Fuchs MHL310 F is best suited to recycling applications such as sorting work, loading large quantities of household waste, loading baling presses.

  • The maximum working area with a diameter of 59’16” unique in the 35,300 lbs class and can be fully utilised thanks to a load capacity of over 4,400 lbs at maximum load.
  • The viewing height of 17’4”, which ensures a clear view even in the shredder or in walking floors, is also unique.
  • Dynamic and effective thanks to demand-flow controlled hydraulics and a closed swivel circuit.
  • Engine Power (US Tier 4): 85 kW.
  • Engine Power (US Tier 3): –
  • Electric Motor: 75 kW.
  • Max Service Weight: 17.1 t.
  • Reach: max 9.0 m.

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