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Dynapac MF2500CS Paver with SwingApp

Being the only 2.5 metre feeder on the market, the Dynapac MF2500CS combines easy and cost effective transport – no permissions needed – with impressive feeding capacity.

The core of the Dynapac MF2500CS is its high-performance conveying system, which can transport 30 tons of gravel, sand or asphalt to its destination in just 35 seconds.

The optional SwingApp makes the MF2500CS incredibly flexible and versatile.

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To achieve the best paving quality a constant paving speed is mandatory. The Dynapac MF2500 feeder in combination with the paver hopper container MH2500 guarantees uninterrupted material supply. This ensures a continuous and smooth paving process. The track driven feeder has large pivotable pushrollers with scrapers to dock easily with diverse kind of trucks.


The new TruckAssist feature makes communication between the feeder operator and truck driver really easy. The operator can swing the seat out of the side of the machine, and adjust the control panel to the most comfortable position, giving them excellent visibility of the truck side, feeder hopper and paver side. Auto modes ensure that all the main feeder operations can be done in a smooth and hassle free manner.


Dynapac feeders are best known for their powerful and durable conveying systems. The 1200 mm wide conveyor with highly reliable rubber belt has been designed for optimal flow and minimal segregation. Stiffening bars together with roller chains make the conveyor system extremely robust. Special alloy steel supports for the bars ensure optimal conveying performance.


The material stays hot during transport on the belt due to the width and speed of the conveyor. Covers minimise the heat loss. Large tunnel and the unique Dynapac conveyor ensure bulk material transfer, which ensures that the mix stays hot The feeders are equipped with foldable hopper wings with front hopper flaps. Chamfered hopper corners prevent cold asphalt being left in the hopper. The new tri-flap system allows even faster material transfer.

Minimum number of transfer points reduce the asphalt aging which is caused by oxygen to a minimum. Least interference to the asphalt mix ensures a high quality mix.



Equipped with a short conveyor as standard, the MF2500CS mobile feeder can also work with an addon SwingApp. SwingApp transforms the MF2500CS to a feeder suitable for offset feeding applications – feeding two pavers side by side, feeding one paver from a different lane, fill medians etc. The SwingApp conveyor can swing 55° to both sides.


Our innovative design helps you to keep your investment costs low as the SwingApp can transform a MF2500CS to an ‘offset feeder’. The same SwingApp can be mounted on any MF2500CS allowing optimal fleet management. A mounting/dismounting time of approximately 10 minutes enables you to respond more quickly to changing job site requirements. When not required, the SwingApp can be removed, which considerably prolongs the lifetime of the belt and minimises costs.

  • Transport mass: 24.50 t
  • Operating speed, max: 25 m/min
  • Transport speed, max: 4 km/h
  • Manufacturer/Model: Cummins QSB 6.7-C220
  • Rated power, SAE J1995: 164 kW (220 hp) @ 2200 rpm
  • Electrical system: 24 V
  • Emissions according to: Stage 3A / Tier 3
  • Fuel tank capacity: 300 l
  • Manufacturer/Model: Cummins QSB 6.7-C225
  • Rated power [engine 2, hp]: 225 hp
  • Rated power [engine 2, kW]: 168 kW
  • Rated power [engine 2, rpm]: 2200 rpm
  • Rated power, SAE J1995: 168 kW (225 hp) @ 2200 rpm
  • Electrical system: 24 V
  • Emissions according to: Stage 4 / Tier 4f
  • Fuel tank capacity: 300 l
  • Conveyor type: Rubber belt on two chains, mounted with metal stiffeners
  • Conveyor speed: Constantly variable
  • Conveyor width: 1.20 m
  • Feeding height (max/min): 3.30 m / 1.09 m
  • Feed capacity: 4000 t/h
  • Feed capacity, optional swing conveyor: 2000 t/h


Blueprint top view Dynapac MF2500CS w. SwingApp


  • A. Axle track 3.95 m
  • B1. Width, max. 3.55 m
  • B2. Width, standard2.55 m
  • B3. Width, center of tracks 2.09 m
  • C1. Track width 320 mm
  • H1. Height, max. 5 m
  • H2. Height, transport 3.10 m
  • H3. Height 580 mm
  • L1. Length 9.25 m
  • L3. Length, hopper 2.25 m

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