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Dynapac F80W Paver

The simple and robust design of the Dynapac F80W is easy to handle and to learn, so it is the ideal partner for smooth and well compacted surface jobs, which manually cannot be achieved.

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The Dynapac F80W – equipped with its gas heated vibrating screed V1300V – is the perfect fit for jobsites with a working width range between 0.25 and 1.65m.


The F80W is equipped with an automatic material flow system to ensure an even distribution of material and excellent asphalt results.

The independent adjustable flow gates allow for a convenient material management and asymmetric paving. The auger and conveyor are controlled by a limit switch to have always the right quantity of material in front of the screed.

With an easy crank system the adjustment of the angle of attack becomes simple and convenient.


The core of the work place design of the F80W offers an ergonomic, simple and robust work place. The buttons are limited, neatly arranged and robust. Thanks to the user-friendly steering wheel and system, it is easy for the driver to operate the paver – even for untrained operators.


The wheeled Dynapac F80W can drive up to 5 km/h allowing for flexible move-ability on the job site. The large filling opening allows feeding by a wheel load, excavator or even with pear-shaped asphalt trucks.

The Dynapac F80W is not only an excellent choice for narrow asphalt jobs, cold material like gravel or sand can be laid in a professional and efficient manner.


With the F80W paving jobs can be realised efficiently and be finished in a shorter period of time. The F80W, with its air-cooled Hatz engine and simple technology, is designed for longevity and hassle-free service. The efficient gas heating can be operated with a 5 kg gas bottle. The screed is heated up to 120°C within 15-30 minutes.

  • Weight (incl. standard screed): 1.15 t
  • Paving speed: 0-25 m/min
  • Transport speed: 0-5 km/h
  • Manufacturer/Model: Hatz 1B40
  • Rated power: 6.3 kW
  • Type: Air cooled
  • Electrical system: 12 V
  • Fuel tank capacity: 5 l
  • Conveyor control: Automatic with limit switch and flow gates
  • Conveyor type: One conveyor, reversible



  • B. Width 0.84 m
  • H1. Height 1.52 m
  • H2. Height, operator platform 0.42 m
  • L1. Length 2.86 m
  • L2. Length, transport 2.52 m
  • L3. Length, hopper 1.67 m

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