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Dynapac CC2200

These tandem rollers are designed with efficiency in mind – application efficiency, operator efficiency, compaction control efficiency and service efficiency. Performance, visibility, operators comfort, compaction control and serviceability for the new CC line will appeal to owners, operators and service crews. The environmental benefits appeal to everyone. All models have high frequency vibration as standard.

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The Dynapac CC2200 roller will help you achieve high quality surface finishes through operational features such as soft starting and stopping to prevent unevenness or cracking in the asphalt layers.


With high frequency/low amplitude for thin layers and high amplitude for thick layers the machines are versatile and will efficiently compact any type of asphalt mix. Thin layers with high stone content cool off quickly and need to be compacted fast, but use of a high amplitude risks crushing the aggregate. Dynapac recommends a high frequency and lower amplitude. As an alternative for thin asphalt layer compaction. Bridge compaction, compaction near foundations and concrete structures Dynapac also offers variants with oscillation on the rear drum.


All machines can be equipped with the optional offset drum (split drum and combi rollers have off-set as standard.) This in combination with the asymmetric cab make the machines very easy to operate.


The models are powered by Cummins QSB 3.3 Stage IIIA/T3, Deutz TCD 3.6 HT T4f and Deutz TCD 3.6 HT Stage V engines. Dynapac’s automatic engine idling system together with a highly efficient hydraulic system makes fuel consumption low and efficient. Infinite adjustable maximum speed is standard.


We have equipped the machines with slideable and turnable seat and steering module for best ergonomics. The engine is placed on the rear module with less heat and noise for the operator. The very low vibration level on the operator’s platform also adds to the comfort of the operator.


Environmental benefits are achieved through reduced fuel consumption and quieter operation. Efficiency enhancements have saved up to 8 kW/11 hp in the operation of a typical model in the range, with consequent improvements in the running costs and noise. Additional fuel savings up to 20% is achieved through our unique “ECOMode” concept.

ECOMode is standard on the T4f and Stage V engine alternatives and we are also using the high efficient eccentrics and serial start up of the eccentric shafts for lowest possible energy consumption. Biodegradable hydraulic fluid is optional. The automatic idling system keep exhaust emission on a low level.


Daily service points are few and easily accessible. The position of the engine on the rear module and the large, easy to-open engine hoods contribute to easy and fast service. The service info displayed directly on the drivers LCD also faciliates service jobs. With maintenance free steering hitch and steering cylinder, very few grease nipples are found on these machines. At the same time, the periods between servicing have been extended.

Corrosion-free water tank and sprinkler tubes, in combination with easily accessible filters, ensure reliability and easy maintenance. Hydraulic hoses can be replaced in individual segments, avoiding the need to fit a full length. Drum shock absorbers also benefit from easy replacement – there is no need to remove the forks or the drums.

  • Max. operating mass: 9000 kg
  • Operating mass (incl. ROPS): 7600 kg
  • Module mass (front/rear): 3800 kg/ 3800 kg
  • Vertical oscillation: ±7°
  • Theor. gradeability: 42 %
  • Static linear load (front/rear): 25.3/ 25.3 kg/cm
  • Water tank: 750 l



  • A. Wheelbase 3,340 mm.
  • B. Width 1,620 mm.
  • C. Curb clearance 715 mm.
  • D. Drum diameter 1150 mm.
  • H1. Height, with ROPS/cab 2990 mm.
  • K. Ground clearance 270 mm.
  • L. Length 4490 mm.
  • O. Off-set 335 mm.
  • R1. Turning radius, outside 6570 mm.
  • R2. Turning radius, inside 5070 mm.
  • R3. Turning radius with off-set, outside 4890 mm.
  • R4. Turning radius with off-set, inside 3390 mm.
  • S. Drum shell thickness 20 mm.
  • W. Drum width 1500 mm.
  • α. Steering angle ±32°.

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