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Dynapac CC1000 Plus

The Dynapac CC1000 is a member of the small asphalt roller family. The large drum diameter and drive motors connected in series contributes to excellent accessibility and hill-climbing capacity. Propulsion and vibration naturally come as standard on both drums.

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With a drum width of 1000 mm this roller is primarily used for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and small parking areas.


The powerful and quiet water-cooled 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine produces 18.1 kW (24.3 hp). With the large drum diameter and the drive motors connected in series, there is excellent accessibility and hill-climbing capability. Propulsion and vibration are standard on both drums. As an option, vibration can be switched off on either the front or the rear drum.


These rollers are equipped with an innovative sprinkler tube and nozzles that are self-draining to minimise the risk of ice plugs in cold weather. The 110-litre water tank allows long periods of work between refills*. To further extend the work periods, an optional sprinkler timer is available. The powerful water pump is the same model as used on our larger asphalt machines.


A spacious, vibration-damped operator platform and an ergonomically positioned step make these machines extremely operator-friendly. A modern, easily legible instrument panel with a warning panel and a fuel gauge is standard.


To easily transport the roller between workplaces, the machines are fitted with a robust central lifting eye that allows fast and easy loading. An optional folding ROPS keeps the transport height to a minimum.


Extended service intervals minimise maintenance costs. The machines have a maintenance-free steering hitch and steering cylinder. The few remaining service points are easily accessible.

* If you chose the PLUS-version, you will get an even larger watertank – 190 litres.

  • Max. operating mass: 1750 kg
  • Operating mass (incl. ROPS): 1685 kg
  • Module mass (front/rear): 790 kg/ 895 kg
  • Speed range (Dual/TC/AS): 0 – 9 km/h
  • Vertical oscillation: ±13°
  • Centrifugal force: 17 kN
  • Nominal amplitude: 0.4 mm
  • Static linear load (front/rear): 7.9/ 8.9 kg/cm
  • Vibration frequency: 70 Hz
  • Water tank: 190 l



  • A. Wheelbase 1350 mm.
  • B. Width 1070 mm.
  • C. Curb clearance 465 mm.
  • D. Drum diameter 584 mm.
  • H2. Height, w/o ROPS/cab 1585 mm. ]
  • K. Ground clearance 250 mm.
  • L1. Length 2040 mm.
  • L2. Length (ROPS) 2095 mm.
  • O1. Overhang, right 35 mm.
  • O2. Overhang, left 35 mm.
  • R1. Turning radius, outside 2860 mm.
  • S. Drum shell thickness 12 mm.
  • W. Drum width 1000 mm.
  • α. Steering angle ±34°.

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