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CASE CX26C Excavator

The CASE CX26C mini-excavator provides excellent power and breakout force in a lightweight machine.

Available with an optional heated cab and delivering a dig depth of 2420mm, the CASE CX26C provides excellent application flexibility in a zero tail swing design.

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The CASE CX26C is ideal for landscapers and utility companies working in developed neighbourhoods and trying to minimise yard damage.

  • Proven, reliable, fuel efficient, low emission and low noise Kubota T4 Final / Stage IIIA engine (CX17C and CX26C).
  • This means less fuel consumption, less noise and less overall wear.
  • Working range:
    – Dig further with C-Series Minis: maximum reach has been improved to the previous series.
    – Load high-sided trucks easily: excellent dump clearance combined with superior stability make truck loading an easy task.
    – Save time: C-Series Minis deliver faster cycle times in every combined operation, thanks to their excellent boom slewing speed.
    – Choose the most suitable arm for you: C-Series Minis match different customer needs, high breakout force with short arms or outstanding digging depth and reach with long arms.
  • Attachments: get the most of your CASE mini with the integrated range of attachments.
  • Lifting: All models can be fitted with an additional bolt-on counterweight that further increases stability and lifting capacity. For safe lifting operation machines can be fitted with a certified Object Handling Kit.
  • Travel: All models have the standard «auto shift-down» feature that optimises travel speed and traction.
  • Reaching the jobsite: easy with variable undercarriage width. Quick folding of blade extensions.
  • Digging: superior hydraulic flow delivers unparalleled digging efficiency.
    – Excellent boom swing angles contribute to high versatility.
    – Choice of short and long arms available to match customer needs: high breakout force or outstanding digging depth and reach.
  • Loading: superior dump height together with ample bucket rollback angle result efficient truck loading and maximum material retention.
  • Dozing: excellent blade height and blade maximum lifting height.
  • Lifting: All models can be fitted with an additional bolt-on counterweight that further increases stability and lifting capacity. The models CX26C, CX33C and CX37C can be fitted with a certified Object Handling Kit for safe lifting operation.
  • Transportation: convenient tie-down points make transportation easy and safe.
  • Operating Weight (kg): 2,650.
  • Engine Power kW (hp): 18.5 (24.8).
  • Reach (mm) w/ std dipper: 4,480.
  • Digging Depth (mm): 2,420.

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