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CASE CX235C SR Excavator

The CASE CX235C SR excavator is designed to increase productivity, offering easier operation with better performance, with reduced risk of machine damage, and superior safety on the job site.

The short swing radius allows excellent operation even in confined spaces.

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The CX235C SR excavator is the perfect machine for road construction, bridges projects and in urban construction sites, any jobsite where space is limited, without the risk of machine damage.


The short radius machines continue a Case tradition of robust design and high quality build. By bringing together the highest quality components and materials in a machine that has been designed to work productively, Case has further improved reliability and durability, reducing ownership costs and cutting downtime for the customer.


The Case Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) incorporates a host of energy saving, performance enhancing functions to boost efficiency and machine output. A simple operating mode dial delivers three working modes with Super Power set to provide maximum horsepower and hydraulic output. A Powerboost function provides an 8 second boost for maximum digging performance. 5 Energy saving functions allow to optimise performances reducing the fuel consumption depending on the working conditions.


ROPS and FOPS Level 2 cab delivers an almost automotive noise level. Efficient air conditioning system, multi-adjustable suspension seating, increased foot space, cup holder and storage compartments deliver the most productive working environment possible. The new full-colour Multifunction Display provides access to on-board diagnostics, reducing downtime for service and maintenance. An ECO gauge provides a constant real-time recording of fuel consumption.


A redesigned upper structure provides access to all service points from ground level, with large side opening access doors. All filters are grouped together for easy access, reducing service time. A synthetic filter extends hydraulic oil service intervals to 5,000 hours while engine oil change intervals are set at a competitive 500 working hours. In addition remote greasing points and standard EMS bushings cut greasing intervals to every 1,000 hours. Side-by-side coolers and radiators are easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Operating Weight (kg): 24,500.
  • Engine Power kW (hp): 119.3 (160).
  • Max Reach (mm): 9,850.
  • Digging Depth (mm): 6,650.

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