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CASE 721G Heavy Wheel Loader

The CASE 721G is high-performance equipment with incredible versatility owing to its three linkage options. And now, with upgraded features, it does everything that a wheel loader is expected to deliver, and more: More Productivity, More Reliability and More Profitability!

The 721G gives your operators a new driving experience with a comprehensive touchscreen display and configurable shortcut buttons. Maintain control of your production target with the new integrated payload and seamlessly log data to hit daily targets!

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Designed to withstand up to 8,540kg of full turn tipping load, and a bucket capacity of up to 2.7m³, the CASE 721G wheel loader is perfect for all-around usage in infrastructure, recycling and quarrying projects.


All functions at your fingertip

The new Touchscreen Display allows the operator to get the full control of all the machine functions and setting, with additional new features specifically designed to enhance the driver’s experience.


Immediately enter your favorite screens

Three configurable buttons are located close to the loader control (both joystick and multi-levers version). On each button you can easily configure your most frequently used screens and make them immediately appear on the display just pressing the associated button. No more wasting time to find the right screen within plenty of menus. Only one touch and what you want is already there!


Keep your production under full control

The new G-Series Evolution wheel loaders offer today the new integrated payload scale, a powerful tool, based on CASE proprietary design, accessible in the new touchscreen monitor. By the new integrated payload scale, you can read and log every single bucketload. You can also optimize every job report by identifying it with a complete set of data (the job ticket) like, customer name, your company name and address, the truck ID, the truck target load and every other data necessary to provide full information for every ticket you will close during the day. Data can be directly transmitted to your desk via telematics through the SiteWatch™ portal.


What about having 2 machines in 1?

Need more versatility from your machine? Does your project require a material handling and a loading equipment at the same time?

The New G-Series Wheel Loaders provide a smart solution: just press a button on your keypad and a Z-Bar or XR linkage will behave as an XT linkage, thanks to the electro-hydraulic controls governed by a software able to perform angle compensation during the lifting operation. The fork shank or the bottom of the bucket will remain parallel to the ground from the lowest to the highest boom position with -3° / +7° angular tolerances.


Optimise tires wear and extend their life

Tires on a wheel loader are crucial to get the best performance from the machine. Keeping the tires pressure constantly under control allows to significantly extend the tire’s lifecycle, improve the overall machine reliability and reduce the operating costs. Now this is possible directly from the display on the new CASE G-Series Evolution Wheel Loaders.

  • Operating Weight (kg): 14,770.
  • Tipping Load (kg): 12,640.
  • Max Power kW (hp): 145 (195).
  • Standard Bucket (M3): 2.8.

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