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The Dynapac SD1800W, available from MIMICO in New Zealand, is a wheeled asphalt paver model featuring improved levels of operator comfort, reduced running costs, and lower emission levels.

The SD1800W has an operating weight of 10.3 tonnes, features a 4.8-cubic-metre hopper and has a laying capacity of 350t/h. It is powered by a 2.9 litre 54kW Deutz diesel engine, has a maximum paving speed of 25m/min and a maximum travel speed of 4km/h.

Dynapac SD1800W comes with a slidable, tiltable and height-adjustable operator console as well as load-sensing hydraulic pumps. It uses Dynapac’s PaveManager 2.0 software, which can automate certain paving and memory parameter functions as well as the crown and slope settings, minimising the potential for rework.

Part of Dynapac’s City Paver range, the SD1800W is among the most efficient and modern pavers in their class. It uses highly advanced technology in electro-hydraulic controls. The power provided by the Deutz engine is distributed to the paver functions through a smart, highly efficient system that ensures minimum power loss.

When it comes to city paving, mobility is crucial. “The SD1800W is quick and easy to operate in every aspect,” says MIMICO’s National Sales & Marketing Manager, Chris Hovelle. “It features many smart systems designed to make life easier before paving starts. With SetAssist, the paver driver is ready to redeploy with one push of a button.

“Truck transportation is possible with one set of extensions attached, in a configuration of up to 4.1 metres paving width. When more width is needed, the extension’s quick coupling system makes the attachment quick and safe.”

To place material, the SD1800W paver uses Dynapac’s new V3500 screed. “This provides unequalled stability,” explains Hovelle. “Dynapac’s V series screeds can double their width using the hydraulic extender. They also use Dynapac’s safe-impact push roller system that minimises shock and damage to the screed from bumping the truck.”

Material flow is controlled by proportional sensors, ensuring smooth flow along the conveyor and minimising auger reactions to avoid material segregation. The conveyor itself is a 700mm-wide dual-bar feeder type, controlled by paddles on the operators’ station.

The Dynapac SD1800W paver has hydraulically expandable auger widths of between 1.71m and 3.15m, with 320mm diameter cast flights and are height-adjustable to 200mm, plus options to manually attach extensions.

PaveManager 2.0 is a CAN-based control system that offers a wide variety of automated functions such as paving parameters, paving memory function and automatic crown and slope settings. “With PaveManager 2.0, the operator gets constant feedback on the paving results, ensuring a continuous optimised performance,” said Hovelle.

“Many adjustments made at the screed remote control can also be made from the dashboard and vice versa. The remotes recognise all levelling equipment from MOBA and can be used on either side of the paver. Both dashboard and remote controls offer colour displays and intuitive self-explanatory menus and functions. Symbols and pictures make handling even easier.”

About Dynapac

Dynapac is a leading supplier of high-tech soil and asphalt rollers, light equipment, and pavers, committed to strengthening customer performance by being a partner on the road ahead. Dynapac is represented worldwide via its own regional sales and service offices and cooperates with an extensive and professional distribution network. Headquartered in Wardenburg, Germany, Dynapac has production facilities in Europe, South America, and Asia. Dynapac is part of the FAYAT Group.

Dynapac’s range of rollers, pavers, and light compaction equipment, along with parts supply and service support, is available in New Zealand from MIMICO.

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