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MIMICO is delighted to announce a significant update to Metso’s premium Expert Series and Max Series wear parts. A new colour option will be introduced for Metso’s crusher wears—BLACK. Now, you can operate in style, all while experiencing the authentic quality and unparalleled performance you expect from Metso.

So, what exactly is changing? The vibrant green colour of Metso’s premium crusher wears is being replaced with a sleek and sophisticated black hue. This change specifically applies to the Expert Series and Max Series crusher wears. Rest assured, the O-Series crusher wears will still be available in an appealing, deeper tone of orange. At MIMICO, we understand the importance of consistency, and we are proud to confirm that the exceptional Metso level of quality and performance remains unwavering across all our wear parts. Each wear part is meticulously designed to meet the exacting specifications and standards of Metso crushers, ensuring flawless compatibility for reliable and safe operation.

Black is the new green

But why did Metso decide to make this colour change? The answer lies in the profound significance of colours in building brand equity and recognition. Following the merger of Metso and Outotec, a new brand identity was established to distinguish the new company from its predecessor entities. The core brand colours of the merged company are now black and deep orange, elegantly replacing the previous Metso legacy brand colours of green and light orange. This update effectively aligns Metso’s crusher wears with the dynamic new brand identity and encapsulates the power and sophistication that they embody.

Now, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: When can you get our hands on these captivating new crusher wears? Well, we have great news for our customers in New Zealand! The black crusher wears are expected to arrive within the next five months, with an expected arrival in October. The wait is almost over!

The black crusher wears are expected to arrive within the next five months, with an expected arrival in October.

With the introduction of Metso’s new black colour option, you can embrace a bold sense of style while relishing in the uncompromising quality and remarkable performance that Metso consistently delivers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your crusher wears and immerse yourself in the realm of Metso’s black crusher wears! 

MIMICO are the New Zealand distributor of Metso Outotec crushing and screening equipment.

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