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The efficiency of a Superior Fine Material Washer is essential to the profitability to your operations. Adjustments that are not made correctly can result in decreased production, increased costs and wasted resources.

You can identify early signs of an improper functioning sand screw by paying close attention. This provides tremendous value to your operations.



Pay close attention to those overflow weirs to reach correct water flow of roughly 1”. Too little or too much can overflow into ponds or not clean the sand to spec.

Checking for “sandbars” in the corners of the overflow is an important part of maintaining the water system. Sandbars indicate an issue: either the shaft is too fast or there isn’t enough water to dilute the silt.

In order to discover if too much material is being wasted, it is important to take a couple of dips from the overflow water with a 100-mesh sieve cup. There are four potential causes for this loss:

      • Too much water in the feed,
      • Not enough water in the feed,
      • The screw is running too fast, or
      • The machine is not level.

We recommend greasing your equipment twice a year. If you live in a hotter climate, make it three times a year.

The amount of grease you use depends on the size of the screws:

      • Half a pump for 36″ screws or smaller
      • One full pump for 44″ to 54″
      • One-and-a-half pumps for 60″ or larger
Most screws need to be
When using an auger, be sure to always check for safety and keep material flowing properly by adjusting the screw speed.

Look at the material going to the conveyor. Is there excess water? If yes, slow the screw and make sure the flushing water is clearing a 2′ – 3’ space for water to flow out of the sand.

Clean sand with less moisture


Most screws need to be SLOWED DOWN! Slow down the auger to create a deeper pile of sand, making sure it is cleaner and with less moisture in the final product.

As a result your wear parts will last longer, reducing cost per ton and saving money in the long run.

are the New Zealand distributor of Superior Fine Material Washers.

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