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Hydrualic Compactor for soil and trench compaction.

Hydraulic Compactor

Hydraulic Compactors are designed for effectively compacting soil in trenching, ground levelling, embankment construction, driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piling, and other formworks. 

Epiroc’s low-noise Hydraulic Compactors work quickly, are simple to operate, and make positioning easy. With all the added elements to this Hydraulic Compactor, no wonder it is the best on the market. Its integrated flow and pressure control valve prevents overloading, the optional backfill blades for effortlessly clearing and moving soil, the permanent oil splash lubrication removing the need for manual lubrication, this is the attachment for you.

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Easy to Install

Safe alternatives for larger jobsites, Epiroc compactors are easy to install and even easier to use.

Quiet, Safe and Effective

Designed for compacting soil, trenches and embankments as well as driving in and pulling out posts and formwork.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Hydraulic compactors increase the applications of your carrier and are virtually maintenance free.

Epiroc Hydraulic Compactors

Instantly ready for use, Epiroc Hydraulic Compactors are virtually zero maintenance. The improved force distribution means less wear on your equipment.

With overload protection and smart options, these compactors are quiet, safe, and effective.

Machine-driven soil compactors work quickly and economically and are easy to operate. Hydraulic Compactors can be fitted to standard adapter plates and quick-coupling systems. Quiet and safe, a compactor attachment creates little noise and offers increased safety particularly when used in trenches, as there is no longer any need for someone to stand directly in the workspace. Optional continuous rotation device makes positioning easy. Productivity can be enhanced, even in terrain which is hard to be accessed.


Model HC 150 ³ HC 350 ³ HC 450 ³ HC 850 ³ HC 1050 ³
Carrier weight class ¹ (t) 1 – 3 3 – 8 4 – 9 9 – 20 20-40
Service weight ² (kg) 160 320 430 880 1130
Height (mm) 295*721 475*846 610*929 710*1272 864*1364
Plate coverage (m²)
Vibrating force (Hz) 35 35 37 37 37
Vibrating frequency (n/min) 2.100 2.100 2.200 2.200 2.200
Operating pressure (bar) 150 150 150 150 150
Oil flow (l/min) 30 57 76 114 151
¹ Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agrees with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment
² Attachment with average-sized adapter plate
³ Drainage line required

Connection Hoses

Model Length (mm) Hoses Additional fitting set*
HC 150 and HC 250 1750 3361 3535 51 3363 0982 86
HC 150 and HC 350 2100 3363 0859 46 3363 0982 86
HC 450 and HC 850 2300 3360 3322 94 3363 0982 87
HC 450 and HC 850 2800 3363 0859 47 3363 0982 87
HC 1050 2300 3360 9923 40 3363 0982 88
HC 1050 2800 3361 8538 59 3363 0982 88
*Fitting sets are required to connect the hoses with the compactor

Connection Hoses for Rotation

Model Length (mm) Hoses Cap nut carrier size
HC 350 – HC 1050 2800 3363 0317 67 12 S. (M20 x 1.5)
HC 350 – HC 1050 3500 3363 0343 99 12 S (M20 x 1.5)

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