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The Dynapac SD2500WS, available from MIMICO in New Zealand, is a wheeled asphalt paver featuring improved levels of operator comfort, reduced running costs, and lower emission levels.

Rob Storey, Director of KRN Surfacing, which has just taken delivery of a new Dynapac SD2500WS paver, is sold on the benefits of Dynapac’s pavers. “Dynapac is the most efficient, reliable paver and lays a fantastic mat,” said Rob, who has tested and trialed other brands in the market.

“We get a good support network from Dynapac, and MIMICO are now supporting us really well so it’s definitely the one for us to go forward.

“My business partners in England currently own 25 Dynapac pavers. We’re very highly driven and quality is key to everything we do at KRN. Dynapac is the best brand in the market that I believe is going to be a good success in the future.”

Being active in the road construction business requires considerable investment. Every square metre involves an operational cost composed of fixed costs such as interest on equipment acquired, labour costs, insurance, and equipment depreciation, but also variable costs such as expenses for fuel, wear, and maintenance.

“There’s no need for supporting rods for the screed, which makes all Dynapac screeds free floating – a must for excellent paving result,” Peter White, MIMCO’s Business Development Manager.

The Dynapac SD2500WS paver is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine with emission stage IIIA/IV. The power unit offers optimised energy conversion through load-sensitive engine speed control, use of the most efficient pumps, and the most compact final drives, including motors. The cooling system is driven by a hydraulic motor that is thermostatically controlled for efficient cooling. The CAN-BUS system ensures high operational reliability and centralised control.

About the Dynapac SD2500WS

  • 18 tonne operating weight with 5100 screed.
  • Powered by Cummins QSB 6.7, Tier 3 engine, rated at 129 KW.
  • 6-wheel drive with optimal traction through AddTraxion Plus.
  • Operator’s platform extendable by 500 mm on both sides.
  • Pavemanager 2.0 and Remote Control 2.0 for intelligent control of the paver and paving process.
  • V5100 screed with a theoretical paving capacity of 750 t/hr and maximum working width of 9.0m.
  • Dynapac’s vario screed with a 4-tube guiding system ensuring screed stability across the whole working width.
  • Strong auger with narrowest in class central auger drive and auger height hydraulically adjustable up to 250 mm while paving.
  • Electric heating of bottom plates and side shields with precise temperature control.
  • Bolt on extension boxes.

About KRN Surfacing

KRN Surfacing is an Asphalt Labour and Plant hire company in New Zealand targeting the commercial and domestic market. KRN delivers quality services and maintains high health & safety and quality standards. As a family run business and highly dedicated, KRN pride themselves on commitment to their customers and clients.

About Dynapac

Dynapac is a leading supplier of high-tech soil and asphalt rollers, light equipment, and pavers, committed to strengthening customer performance by being a partner on the road ahead. Dynapac is represented worldwide via its own regional sales and service offices and cooperates with an extensive and professional distribution network. Headquartered in Wardenburg, Germany, Dynapac has production facilities in Europe, South America, and Asia. Dynapac is part of the FAYAT Group.

Dynapac’s range of rollers, pavers, and light compaction equipment, along with parts supply and service support, is available in New Zealand from MIMICO.

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