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Unlock Dynapac’s Massive 5 Year Warranty

Experience the new standard with Dynapac’s single and double drum rollers. Engineered for performance and designed for comfort. Secure a massive 5-year warranty on your new Dynapac equipment with our latest promotion on stocked units.

A Partnership Built on Solid Ground

At MIMICO, we partner with Dynapac to bring you top-tier compaction solutions tailored for New Zealand’s rigorous construction demands. Our partnership ensures you get not only the best machinery but also unparalleled support and service. This collaboration is built on a shared commitment to quality and sustainability, aimed at enhancing customer productivity and profitability.

We not only supply top-tier plant and equipment like Dynapac’s single and double drum rollers, but we also provide comprehensive support services backed by a nationwide network of highly trained technicians and an extensive  parts inventory.

Our partnership with Dynapac allows us to offer cutting-edge compaction technology tailored to the rigorous demands of local terrains and projects, ensuring our clients achieve maximum operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At MIMICO, we get it

We’re Your Trusted Equipment Partner

MIMICO isn’t just about supplying equipment; we’re about building lasting relationships. From on-call service to an extensive parts network, we ensure every need is met with the same dedication and expertise.

We are MIMICO – and we’re here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 5-year warranty cover?

The warranty covers major components such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, drum gear (excluding drum shell wear), Rear axles (CA rollers), Engine (excluding turbo, fuel pump, injectors, starter motor, alternator, wiring, electric or electrical components. Travel and Vehicle mileage costs are excluded. this extensive warranty coverage assures you of our confidence in the durability and reliability of Dynapac’s equipment.

What makes Dynapac rollers more efficient than other brands?

Features like Active Bouncing Control, a patented eccentric system, reduced energy consumption, and reduced vibrational wear on parts, all work together to extend the life of your machinery.

What is Dyn@Lyzer?

Dyn@Lyzer continuously measures the stiffness of the compacted area and records the number of passes. This data is constantly visible for the operator on the machine and can also be monitored from the office.

How does Dynapac's Seismic technology work?

Dynapac’s seismic technology detects soil properties and automatically adjusts the drum frequency based on soil frequency. This technology can result in a 35% reduction in fuel consumption compared to traditional compaction with fixed or manually adjusted frequency settings.

What grade can a Dynapac machine work at?

With Dynapac’s High Climb traction system, the machine can achieve 55% gradeability in both froward and reverse, which is ideal for compaction in trenches.

How does Dyn@Link work?

Dyn@Link increases the profitability of your business by quickly identify underperforming equipment, maximise uptime with perfectly scheduled maintenance and in case of a breakdown get machines operating again as quickly as possible.

Does the 5 year Warranty promotion apply to all Dynapac Equipment?

The 5-year warranty promotion is only available on stocked units and only while stocks last – so get in quick! Contact our team to find out more if you have a specific machine in mind.

Single vs Double Drum Rollers

Whether you require the robust soil compacting capabilities of single drum rollers or the precise asphalt compaction of double drum rollers, our experts are here to guide you. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and Dynapac’s technological excellence, we ensure you get the roller that best fits your project requirements.

The Dynapac Difference

5 year Warranty Promo

With Dynapac, excellence comes standard. Enjoy the peace of mind of with Dynapac’s 5-year warranty offer and experience the difference of rollers that are built to last. Choose Dynapac for reliability and industry-leading performance.

Dynapac Scales

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