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Terms and Conditions

1. There will be no rate adjustments for higher deposits. Only program rate is applicable providing program requirements are met.
2. Terms of this program are subject to change upon 2-calendar days’ notice.
3. This program is not retrospective and shall apply only to new retail orders received during the program period.
4. Finance options are subject to CNH Industrial Capital approval, to business applicants only.
5. Deposit is a % of customer invoice price inclusive of GST. Deposit qualification can include Cash and Trade Equity. Each must be correctly entered into the appropriate fields within the My Capital system.
6. Any attachments, which are not a product of CASE Construction, may be financed as part of the package. The advertised program rate will apply so long as the total sale price of the unit and attachments does not exceed the actual main unit RRP. Any attachments which exceed the actual main unit RRP are required to be listed separately within the quote and will be subject to the CNH Industrial Capital Allied Rate.
7. Balloon payments added to the repayment structure will require an increase to the customer rate, please speak with your Finance Manager for assistance.

Interest Rate Buy Down

1. Applicable to products listed in the above mentioned tables. Additional products released following program launch and prior to expriy are subject to automatic addition pending approval of manufacturer
2. Any extra attachments, other than bucket(s), will be shipped separately at the dealers expense
3. Finance quotes are valid for 14 days unless specified otherwise by your FM or CBM
4. This offer ends: a. 31/05/2024 all orders must be placed by closing date
5. Finance application must be settled by: a. 15/06/2024
6. Please refer to the current Case price and data pages
7. Terms of this program are subject to change upon 2-calendar days’ notice
8. Finance must be provided by CNH Industrial Capital
9. The minimum deposit outlined in Element Section 1 is required with every order.

CASE Construction Range Included in this Finance Deal

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