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Dig this Deal – 1.95%  Finance on CASE

Dive into your next big project with an irresistible 1.95% finance offer on all CASE equipment. From excavators to wheel loaders, power up your fleet with precision engineering and unbeatable terms.

A Project Powering Partnership

MIMICO’s partnership with CASE is rooted in a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. With nearly two centuries of proven performance and reliability, CASE has established itself as a world-class leader in construction equipment. Since its inception in 1842, CASE has continually set industry standards, prioritizing customer feedback to enhance product development. This dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of its users has led to significant advancements in features such as serviceability, stability, visibility, power, noise reduction, and reliability in cold weather conditions.

MIMICO aligns with CASE’s philosophy of integrating customer insights into product evolution. Our partnership with CASE brings you not just equipment, but a powerhouse of productivity and reliability. Together, we deliver machines that are tough on the job yet easy on your budget. And now, thanks to our exclusive 1.95% finance offer you can equip your projects with the best, without breaking the bank.

At MIMICO, we get it

We’re more than just equipment

We are MIMICO, and we’re more than just an equipment supplier. We’re your project partner, offering personalized service, extensive parts availability, and expert advice—all under one roof. When you choose MIMICO, you’re investing in a relationship that puts your needs first, ensuring you get the support you need whenever you need it.

We are MIMICO – and we’re here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 1.95% finance offer apply to all CASE equipment?

Enjoy the low finance rate on our range of CASE equipment, excluding CASE mini excavators range.

What is the duration of this finance promotion?

Our special finance rate is available for a limited time, providing you with the flexibility to plan your purchases without urgency.

Can I equip my fleet of service vehicles with SiteWatch™?

Yes. You can install SiteWatch™ on your range of equipment for more comprehensive machine data than any other telematics solution. 

What's the visibility like on a CASE Compact Track Loader?

CASE CTLs provide industry-leading visibility with a backup camera, rearview mirror, and 360-degree lighting. Providing excellent comfort, CASE CTLs feature one of the industry’s widest cabs providing more comfortable operation throughout the day.

How serviceable is CASE Equipment?

CASE works heavily to prioritise the maximization of uptime. By designing their range to have critical checkpoints and key service points grouped in an easy-to-access area of the machine, CASE equipment can be serviced promptly with ease, minimising downtime.

How fuel efficient are CASE Bull Dozers?

The CASE M Series Bull Dozers are exceptionally fuel-efficient thanks to their exclusive use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology*. This advanced system enhances engine performance by allowing it to operate at peak efficiency without the need for a particulate filter. This results in no compromise on power and up to 10% fuel savings over the previous L Series. Furthermore, the hydrostatic transmission in these dozers maximizes the force and drawbar pull, enabling them to move more material more efficiently. An added advantage of SCR technology is its simplicity; it requires no regeneration, thus eliminating downtime. Maintenance is as easy as “pour and go,” which significantly reduces the operational interruptions and keeps the dozers running smoothly.

*(Excludes 750M)

What do the hydraulics on CASE Excavators do to optimise efficiency?

The innovative pump transition reduction control is a very accurate system that continuously monitors machine operations and then decreases pump loads whenever possible. As a result, hydraulic power is available on demand and fuel consumption is minimised.

How do CASE Forklifts handle rough terrains?

These rough terrain forklifts are able to operate in a variety of terrains with the optional 4 four-wheel drive and standard differential lock. No need to worry about your load, CASE offers maximum travel capabilities with their 60° of mast tilt and optional load control. If operating in tight areas is a concern, the 588H features a narrow zero-tail swing design, meaning if the rear tyres clear it, the rear of the machine will as well. 

Tell me more about the multi radius blade on CASE Graders?

The reinforced involuted moldboard improves the blade life thanks to different radius. The CASE radius design consists of three different radius allowing a more efficient and continuos cutting, mixing and rolling. The mixing effect is efficient on the spread out material too. This improves road surface consistency and longevity.

CASE vs. The Rest: Why Settle for Less?

When it comes to construction equipment, why choose anything but the best? CASE equipment not only offers superior durability and performance but with our 1.95% finance offer, it also represents unmatched value. Let’s break down the features that set CASE apart from the competition.

Elevate Your Feet With CASE

1.95% Finance Promo

Choose CASE and watch your productivity soar. With cutting-edge technology, robust construction, and now an unbeatable 1.95% finance rate, there’s never been a better time to bolster your operations with CASE. Why just keep up when you can lead the pack?

Case Compact Wheel Loader

Make mighty moves with CNHI Capital Finance.

CASE Equipment Range

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Mini Excavators

Excavators from 1775 – 5870kg, perfect for urban projects, landscaping, or utility work. These machines offer agility without compromising on power, ensuring productivity isn’t limited by size.

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Medium Excavators

Ranging from 8000 – 8640kg, these excavators deliver consistent performance. Ensuring timely completion with excellence from construction sites to road-building tasks.

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Large Excavators

From 12,500kg – 49,900 kg these excavators are designed for heavy-duty tasks. Baosting massive power, these machines ensure that volume and scale never stand in the way of efficiency. 

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Compact Wheel Loaders

CASE Compact Wheel Loaders set new standards of productivity, versatility and comfort. Ideal for urban and small-scale projects, these loaders are the perfect blend of power and manoeuvrability, ensuring tasks are completed with ease and efficiency.

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Large Wheel Loaders

CASE Heavy Wheel Loaders provide best-in-class horsepower and massive torque to deliver power to every work cycle. These machines are crafted to handle large-scale operations, from quarries to industrial sites, promising swift material handling, reduced cycle times and amplified productivity.


Boasting exceptional blade capabilities, advanced hydraulics, and an ergonomic operator environment. Redefining the standards of grading precision and efficiency.

Premium Hydraulic Breakers

Track Loaders

Navigate with confidence and handle materials with finesse, all thanks to the robust design and cutting-edge technology of CASE Track Loaders.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Transport materials across the most unpredictable terrains with CASE Rough Terrain Forklifts.

Bull Dozers

Tackle the most demanding jobs with ease, courtesy of the incredible pushing abilities, rugged build, and intuitive controls of these Bulldozers.

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