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Blade Runner correct call for Kiwi Civil

by | May 18, 2021 | Kobelco, News

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In early 2020 Kiwi Civil took delivery of their new Kobelco ED160-5 Blade Runner excavator. The company put their new excavator straight to work on a job in Rosedale, north of Auckland.

A little over a year on we caught up with Marcus from Kiwi Civil to find out whether purchasing the first Kobelco ED160-5 in the greater Auckland area was the right decision.



“It sure was,” said Marcus and the timing was perfect to find out more as they were close to the end of a project on a rural house and shed site.

Marcus explained the customer had someone originally price the job saying they would have an excavator, dozer, and truck on site with two men to carry out the job.

“Kiwi Civil was given the opportunity to price the job and the owner went with us,” said Marcus. “We only needed to send out the ED160-5 and one of our experienced operators to complete the job.

“It also meant our carbon footprint, compared to the other contractor, was less.” This is something Marcus views as being of benefit when pricing jobs for their large corporate customers.

Kiwi Civil are able to able to keep the machine busy all year round. “With the exception of some down time during Covid last year we have had no problem keeping it operating,” said Marcus, as he prepared his Blade Runner to head off to another site on completion of the job.


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