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2.99% Finance Deal on ASV RT40’s and RT50’s

Unlock the full potential of your projects with the unparalleled performance of ASV RT40 and RT50 Posi-Track Loaders. Take advantage of our exclusive 2.99% finance offer to boost your productivity without straining your budget.

A Partnership Built on Solid Ground

In our partnership with ASV, MIMICO combines world-class machinery with unmatched local expertise and support. ASV, known for their innovative and high-performance Posi-Track Loaders, aligns perfectly with MIMICO’s mission to deliver only the best in construction equipment. Together, we bring you the ASV RT40 and RT50 models, epitomizing resilience and efficiency on any terrain.

Our collaboration goes beyond the provision of machinery; it extends into comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring that every ASV loader you purchase is backed by MIMICO’s extensive parts inventory and expert service network. This relationship allows us to offer tailored solutions that enhance your machinery’s performance and longevity, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, our partnership with ASV ensures we stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. We are committed to providing you with the latest innovations that ASV develops, from improved traction systems to advanced diagnostic tools, enhancing both the capability and longevity of your loaders.


At MIMICO, we get it

We’re Your Trusted Equipment Partner

MIMICO isn’t just about supplying equipment; we’re about building lasting relationships. From on-call service to an extensive parts network, we ensure every need is met with the same dedication and expertise.

We are MIMICO – and we’re here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 3.49% finance offer apply to all ASV Equipment?

This special finance rate is exclusive to the ASV RT40 and RT50 Posi-Track Loaders, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance your fleet with these advanced models.

How long will this Promotion last?

This is a limited time offer so get in quick!

Tell me more about the track on ASV compact track loaders

The tracks used on ASV compact track loaders are unique—they don’t have a steel core. Instead, these patented ASV tracks feature rubber construction with embedded high-tensile poly-cords that run the length of the track to prevent the track from stretching and derailing. The pliable cord allows the track to conform to the shape of the ground, improving traction. Unlike steel, it doesn’t break from continuous bending, it’s lighter, and it doesn’t rust. Better traction and long life come standard and the all-terrain, all-season tread allows you to stay working regardless of the weather.

How does the drive system work?

ASV compact track loaders use an internal positive drive to efficiently transfer tractive effort from the power train to the rubber tracks. Independent drive motors turn sprockets that engage the drive lugs on the inside of the rubber tracks. The low-friction design maximizes power transfer, conserving engine power for other machine functions. Wear between sprockets and track lugs is minimized through free-turning steel roller sleeves on the drive sprocket teeth. Wide sprockets—3 to 5 times wider than competitive designs—and an open support frame that sheds material, keep the sprockets lasting longer. When it is time to replace, the bolt-on rollers keep your costs below traditional non-serviceable designs.

Whats the suspension like on an ASV Posi-Track machine?

Undercarriages on ASV compact track loaders are mounted to torsion axles which suspend machine weight and allow controlled movement up and down. The suspension on ASV compact track loaders improves stability and absorbs impacts for increased operator comfort and machine durability. This design also keeps the track on the ground to improve digging and maximize traction. When combined with the machine’s superior balance and longest track base in the industry, this machine offers excellent grading capabilities.

How do the roller wheels distribute weight?

ASV roller wheels distribute weight evenly across a large ground contact area, minimizing ground pressure and increasing traction. A revolutionary single-rail, open wheel design helps shed material, improving wheel and seal life over enclosed tub frames and saving you cleaning time. The wheels are made of a durable UHMW polyethylene molded directly to the hub and coated with a final layer of rubber to provide the perfect balance of a strong center core and the needed track cushioning that results in premium ride and long life.

What makes the ASV RT40 and RT50 models ideal for tough terrains?

The ASV RT40 and RT50 are built with Posi-Track technology, ensuring maximum traction and low ground disturbance, which is perfect for navigating challenging terrains without damaging surfaces.

Compare and Conquer

ASV Posi Track Loaders stand out in the market with their innovative designs and superior performance. Let’s see how they stack up against traditional construction brands.

Discover Excellence

Unleash Robust Performance

Choosing ASV means opting for durability and efficiency. The RT40 and RT50 models are designed not only to meet but exceed expectations in handling, power, and operational cost-effectiveness. With our 3.49% finance offer, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the best in the business.

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