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Metso Outotec’s effective and efficient belt cleaning systems

Belt cleaning isn’t just a question of aesthetics, but rather an important determining factor if efficient, safe and profitable conveying is to be achieved. Metso Outotec has developed a belt cleaning product range called ABC – Absolute Belt Cleaning. The goal was to provide technical solutions that gave the products high efficiency, long wear life and a minimal need for maintenance. The products have been tested for a long time – under tough conditions – and have proven to meet the very high goals that were set at the start of the development process.

High efficiency ensures minimum spillage

The parameters that affect the efficiency are, among other things, the scraper to belt contact angle, the contact area and the contact pressure per surface unit. On the ABC scrapers these values are kept as close to the ideal as possible, throughout the wear life of the blades. Because of that, these scrapers show a constant and very high cleaning efficiency from installation and throughout their wear life. To further increase the efficiency of the scraper, the blades are divided into segments,
which can move independently of each other. Reduced spillage leads to less wear on the conveyor and its components and great clean-up cost savings.

Long wear life for lowest cost per ton

The life expectancy of a scraper is very much dependent upon its efficiency. The more material that passes between the scraper and the belt the higher the wear rate becomes. Thanks to the high and constant cleaning efficiency of our scrapers the amount of material still adhering to the belt after the scraper can be reduced to a minimum. Consequently, its wear life is extended and the cost per ton low.

Minimal maintenance needs for trouble free operation

Since the blade to belt contact pressure remains almost constant throughout the entire wear life of the scraper blade, there is no need to re-tension the spring tensioner and the need for maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum. The belt cleaning system is designed to operate in a dirty and demanding environment, and the blades are shaped in such a way that build-up of material on the blades is prevented.

High reliability during the entire life of the scraper

The ABC scrapers are made of Trellex’s own polyurethane material, which has outstanding wear properties. Using polyurethane means that an aggressive scraping angle can be used without any risk of damaging the belt. The special design of the blades means no reinforcing metal parts are needed.
The base of the blade is securely held in place in a specially designed aluminium cassette.

Cleaners – Primary and secondary

Metso Outotec has a complete range of options for primary and secondary belt cleaning. The purpose of primary cleaners is to remove any coarser material that’s stuck to the conveyor belt after it leaves the head pulley, and to keep the belt as clean as possible. By contrast, secondary cleaners are used to remove the fine material.

A primary in combination with a secondary cleaner is the most efficient solution for optimal belt cleaning. If a single cleaner is required a primary cleaner is recommended for coarse or wet and sticky material, and a secondary cleaner for dry, fine material. For reversible belts, a secondary is the best solution. For cleated belts carrying dry material, a Trellex Belt Brush is perfect solution to clean the uneven conveyor belt surface.

Primary Cleaners

The ABC modular belt cleaning system, is an efficient way to keep conveyor belts clean. The axle and fastening details are made of sturdy structural steel, and are powder coated to resist wear and corrosion. The belt cleaning system is available for common belt widths. The individual blades are available with either standard, dual hardness or tungsten tips and are mounted in an aluminium alloy cassette.

Blade replacement is quick and easy since the tensioning device doesn’t have to be removed. Having a complete blade cassette in stock reduces down time and makes maintenance more efficient. The aluminium profile in which the scraper blades are mounted is anodized to resist corrosion in tough working environments. Axles and cassettes are also available in stainless steel for installations in aggressive environments.

The ABC-ONE Pre-Cleaner is designed to provide the standard expected of a Metso Outotec belt scraper in a simple, strong and cost-effective format. Even better, it can be retrofitted to replace almost any equivalent pre-cleaner on the market. Trellex ABC-ONE is available with either standard or dual hardness blade for maximum wear life. Since there is no metal reinforcement, the Trellex ABC-ONE blade is fully recyclable at the end of its long life. One more way Metso Outotec can help meet environmental targets without compromising.



Secondary Cleaners

Secondary cleaners can be used together with primary cleaners for best cleaning efficiency or as a stand-alone scraper if the conveyed material is fine and relatively dry. This scraper is installed just behind the point where the belt leaves the pulley. The T-Cleaner is available with two different blade materials. The HMS blade has a tip made of tungsten carbide. This blade has very good wear resistance and it is recommended for applications handling abrasive materials in, for example, quarries and mines.

The HS blade consists of heat-treated steel. This blade is intended for other types of applications where non-abrasive materials are handled, for example, in the pulp and paper, wood handling industries. What both blades have in common is a metal blade vulcanized into a rubber mount, this allows each blade to move independently from each other, thereby assuring optimum cleaning efficiency. The T-Cleaner blade should be installed perpendicular to the belt and a self-adjusting spring tensioner type NT or NT-HD used to provide correct blade to belt contact pressure. Trellex T-Cleaners also work well on reversible belts.

The Arm-Cleaner can, just like the T-Cleaner, be used together with a Pre-Cleaner for best cleaning efficiency or as a stand-alone scraper if the conveyed material is fine and relatively dry. Sometimes the type of conveyor the scraper is going to be installed on can determine the choice between a T-Cleaner and an Arm-Cleaner. Due to differences in design and tensioning systems, the two scrapers have different attachment points. The Arm-Cleaner is suitable for belts handling hot materials.

The scraper blade is available in two different versions as per T-Cleaner above. One thing both blades have in common is that the metal blade is vulcanised into a rubber mount, which lets each blade move independently thereby assuring optimum cleaning efficiency. The Arm-Cleaner blades overlap each other reducing the risk of stripes on the belt. A spring tensioner type S provides the right blade-to-belt contact pressure to ensure optimal cleaning efficiency.




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