19 July 2017

UNIC Mini-Crawler Cranes

Originally designed to operate on tightly congested Japanese building sites, UNIC is Japan's number one mini-crawler crane.

Pioneering design, precision manufacturing and advanced materials technology means these cranes are incredibly compact, yet provide the capacity and reach of much larger machines. They are distributed in New Zealand by MIMICO's sister company, Crane Sales New Zealand.

The features of the UNIC mini-crawler cranes include the ability to confine operation to pre-set boundaries, as well as operate on uneven sites.

There is an over-lowering prevention device, while the hexagonal boom design reduces sway and increases accuracy.

Operators can assemble and disassemble Unic mini-crawler cranes in confined locations, and there are mains power options for noise reduction if required.

The URW295 and URW376 models have proven to be the most popular in New Zealand, but Crane Sales New Zealand does have access to UNIC’s full range of mini-crawlers.

These machines primarily sell to rental companies, glaziers and steel erectors.

The biggest demand in NZ is for the URW295 as this machine is so versatile. When folded up it’s only 600mm wide so can be walked through a standard doorway for use indoors.

These cranes can be specified with a three-phase electric motor for use indoors without emissions or engine noise. They can also be fitted with white non-marking crawler tracks to protect floors.

Point loading on a suspended floor can be an issue, but the URW295 is small and light enough to be able to be lifted into a multi-story building where it can be used to lift construction materials or glazing into place instead of using a busy site tower crane.

The outriggers on the URW295 can also be configured in some different positions to allow it to work in tight confined spaces.

Crane Sales can offer the full UNIC range from the URW295 to the URW1006 with its ten-tonne lift capacity. The company keeps a stock of the most popular models on hand and can indent the larger machines if required.